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RE: BRRRRR! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-08-2018

PJ, that’s exactly what we did!  Maryann, we have Rock Salt here...usually used for ice cream freezers. But at the trailer, the steps and part of the walkway is covered, so I was able to step out on snow.  But to be honest, I had no desire to leave home....TOO COLD!  We wrapped my porch in plastic a couple of months ago and with two space heaters and a double propane heater, me and my plants were nice and toasty! Before the storm hit, William got all the propane tanks filled, and we stocked up on meal ingredients, wine and vodka, so we just hunkered down at home.

William did venture out a few times.  The first morning after the snow fall and discovered somebody had already been out and did donuts all the way down the main street into town!  LOL!

Anyway, we finally got back to our more normal fifties.  The next cold front the first of next week seems  like no big deal now.  Highs in the forties and lows in the twenties doesn’t seem bad at all after highs in the teens and lows in the single digits!

RE: BRRRRR! - Harborwitch - 01-08-2018

It's "funny" because we had decided to hunker in for the winter there.  Bob had plans for skirting the motor home with 2" foam insulation, making sure we had anti-freeze that we could dump down the toilets & drains to keep them from freezing and getting the pet friendly ice melt.  Saved a ton of money not doing that!

Friday our new bosses (new friends!) invited us over for a cocktail & business meeting.  It turned into a couple cocktails and ended with the "F Bomb" being dropped (whew, that's out of the way - I love watching people trying to figure out the language level of new people LOL) and there were hugs all around.  Whew . . . oh, and an invitation to go on a tour Saturday and out to lunch.  We all 4 have so much in common which really makes it nice.  

We drove up a little past Depoe Bay (a bead store that I have to go visit again), came back to Newport and they took us to a wonderful little Irish restaurant for lunch (Nana's Irish Pub).  Excellent food and atmosphere.  Bruce had a double order of fried oysters, Karin went for a Tuna Melt on marble rye (OMG it looked good!), Bob opted for the Dublin burger with Bacon.  Silly me ordered the Emerald Isle Fries - gluten free - but I took over half home. It was a really fun day.  

We are pretty darn sure we have found our home!

RE: BRRRRR! - Harborwitch - 01-08-2018

It sounds like you were prepared!  That's what we did in ND . . . there was plenty of warning and we'd stock up on stuff so if we were snowed in for a few days we were fine.

I'll bet you're glad all that is done!

RE: BRRRRR! - Mare749 - 01-09-2018

Glad to hear things are getting back to normal, Daphne. It's finally warming up here (35 today!) and the kids are back in school. Schools were closed for several days due to the severe cold. Not sure that was such a good idea when it's been predicted to be a very cold winter. These poor kids might find themselves going to school through the summer.

Daphne, since you are not used to having such cold weather, do your stores even carry things like winter coats and boots? I remember being on vacation there one year in the fall and couldn't even find a sweat shirt!

Sharon, it does sound like you have found your new home! Things have a way of working out just as they should sometimes. This was your time to move and not look back.

RE: BRRRRR! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-10-2018

Oh yes, we have access to cold weather stuff....if you know where to look.  Funny thing is...most of the new residents here are from up north, so they are prepared!  LOL!

RE: BRRRRR! - pjcooks - 01-11-2018

Gotta love New Hampshire.  A balmy 51 degrees right now........

RE: BRRRRR! - Harborwitch - 01-11-2018

WOW!  We've been in the 50's, lots of wind and rain last night & parts of today.  Pfffffft!

RE: BRRRRR! - Mare749 - 01-12-2018

We were up to 57 today, but windy and rain. That's all suppose to change tonight and the cold stuff is on it's way back! It's suppose to be icy in the a.m. I'm not looking forward to that because I have to pick up Alyssa and Tommy and take them down to the hospital where Heather works because Alyssa has a doctor appt. at noon. Tommy and I will visit the cafeteria for lunch where they actually have really good food, which is rare for a hospital.

RE: BRRRRR! - Harborwitch - 01-12-2018

I am so glad we are out of the freezing weather!  I feel so bad for all of you stuck in it. Sad  Tomorrow it's supposed to be 60+!

It poured rain and blew like crazy from the night before last through most of the day yesterday!   I am looking forward to a nice weekend to start figuring out our garden!

RE: BRRRRR! - pjcooks - 01-12-2018

Almost 10 PM and it's 61 degrees.  A lot of our snow is gone!!!