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RE: BRRRRR! - Mare749 - 01-12-2018

And our balmy weather disappeared. We had icy rain all day followed by snow and it's back to a crisp 18 degrees. Schools were closed again today. Driving is dangerous, so we're all hunkering down at home this weekend. Wink

RE: BRRRRR! - Harborwitch - 01-13-2018


RE: BRRRRR! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-15-2018

WOW, PJ!  That is amazing for you guys!  I hope you enjoyed it!

Maryann, you guys are having a pretty rough winter so far.  The rougher you get it, the greater the chance we have it rough here, apparently.

Sharon, isn’t it nice to be in a more tropical climate!

We’ve had warmer weather, but lots of rain Friday.  Yesterday was nice, but cool.  Today the warmer weather left and the cold is back.  Highs today was about freezing with lows tonight in the 20’s.  I keep hearing we are supposed to get frozen precipitation later this week.  But even if we do, it shouldn’t stay around long this time.  It’s supposed to warm up above freezing the next day.  Thankfully!

RE: BRRRRR! - Mare749 - 01-15-2018

Yes, it certainly has been a cold winter, especially after having such mild winters the last few years. I used to love winter. Now, not so much.

There was a time when we thought we might come down by you for a few months after the holidays, but we are now re-thinking that idea. Big Grin

RE: BRRRRR! - Harborwitch - 01-17-2018

It is pouring down rain, wind gusts, and a coastal flood warning - the lower RV park may get a few extra inches of water but we're high and no chance up here.  My phone says it's 59!  Geeze.

RE: BRRRRR! - pjcooks - 01-17-2018

Stay dry, Sharon!  After all our snow melted we got another 6 inches today.  At least it's warm!  (29 degrees)  Much easier to shovel in the warmer air than 10 days ago with temps in the zeros or below and a northeast wind.  But 59 degrees, lucky you!!

RE: BRRRRR! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-21-2018

OH, Maryann, that is too funny!  We have had a couple of cold snaps, but fortunately, they don't last long.  It was in the low 40's a few days ago, but today, it was in the fifties.

Sharon, I hope you are drying out now.

Poor PJ!  I hope your winter is short this year!

RE: BRRRRR! - Harborwitch - 01-23-2018

Thanks for the "dry wishes" all.  We are, evidently, in our rainy season - but almost daily there is a rainbow to be found somewhere!  The rain is an OK tradeoff for all the beautiful green surrounding us - and being close to the ocean.

Bonus - it appears the crab boats went out today!  Whooohooo!  Dungeness will be on the menu soon!

RE: BRRRRR! - Mare749 - 01-23-2018

Now I'm really jealous, Sharon. We love crab!

We got warmer temps here this week, almost like spring. All the snow is gone and it's just gray and gloomy. When it's really cold here, we seem to have more sunny days. Looking forward to having warm weather and sunshine! Big Grin

PJ, how's it going in the Great White North! It's so nice to "see" you again!

RE: BRRRRR! - pjcooks - 01-23-2018

Welllll......Freezing rain all day, supposed to  get in the forties and turn to all rain but never did, crappy ride in and crappy ride home, catering drivers drenched, really hard to get around campus,  other than that, how did you like the play, Mrs. Lincoln?  To top it off, I walked to the mailbox and a pickup went by and didn't try to avoid the puddle and now I'm drenched.   Angry  For the first time, winter is getting to me.  Looking at 60, folks,  rethinking this weather like you Maryann.  Ugh. And nice to be back:-)