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RE: BRRRRR! - Mare749 - 01-23-2018

Well, your day tops the list of ***** days, PJ! You deserve a great cocktail or glass of good wine! How many years till you can retire?

Temps just dropped into the 30's and now we have the freezing rain. Yuck. And, we have to go up to the high school for Katie's basketball game. Yuck.

RE: BRRRRR! - Harborwitch - 01-24-2018

OMG PJ!  That sounds like the day from h#ll!  

I am getting a little tired of the rain - and I'm sure Bob is.  Nothing like a resident that has a continually clogged septic line in pouring rain.  Dude?  But then, we look around at how green and beautiful it is and thank the universe for putting us here.

RE: BRRRRR! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-24-2018

Oh PJ!  That driver was the icing on the cake!  You are welcomed to come down here!  Although, I’m not sure you’d love our hot summers?

Sharon, I’m so glad to hear that you are happier with your new location!

RE: BRRRRR! - pjcooks - 01-26-2018

Daphne, when it gets above 80, I melt.  Gets below 15 I freeze.  New Hampshire!!  Yet the seasons is why I don't think I could ever leave.  Just don't want to work in it Big Grin!