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What's for dinner 6/21/18? - Mare749 - 06-21-2018

Using Jean's recipe for pizza dough, we will be grilling pizza tonight. Haven't decided what all I will be putting on them, but have two pieces of l/o corned beef that can be diced and put on one with swiss cheese, and l/o smoked chicken that can go on another. Just not sure what else to put on the one with smoked chicken. Thinking about alfredo, mushrooms and spinach....

RE: What's for dinner 6/21/18? - losblanos1 - 06-21-2018

Pizza sounds so good, of course, when does it not? Jean used to make some incredible pizzas.

I had a request for Thai Chicken Curry Wraps (issue #58) from our youngest daughter. I am also grilling some grapes and mangoes for a light side dish.