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Mushroom Cobbler - labradors - 07-18-2018

For dinner, last night, I combined THIS Mushroom Stew recipe and THIS Cheese Scone recipe to make a Mushroom Cobbler.

It was delicious and I do plan on making it again, but the next time, I'll double the mushroom part and halve (both the recipe and the thickness) of the scone part, since the undersides of the scones, where they sat on top of the mushroom mixture, was undercooked.  Other than that, it was a great combination.

RE: Mushroom Cobbler - Mare749 - 07-18-2018

The mushroom stew sounds really good. Kind of like a very thick cream of mushroom soup. The scones, not so sure that would be to our taste. I would prefer some fluffy biscuits. Big Grin

RE: Mushroom Cobbler - Grillseeker - 07-18-2018

Scones & Mushroom Soup! Those sound suburb together.