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News About CAH - bjcotton - 05-17-2006

I sent an email to CAH the other day about being able to access ALL of their recipes. They replied that this was in the works. Their articles wouldn't be available, but all their recipes would. Waahoo! I think they'll be available within a couple of months.

Re: News About CAH - esgunn - 05-17-2006

Not to burst your bubble - and hopefully it is true - but this has been in the works for 1 1/2 to 2 years now. Always with dates putting it off another 6 months. I think they plan on charging a small fee for the expanded web membership.

I have been anxiously awaiting it...

Re: News About CAH - bjcotton - 05-17-2006

Yes, they did indicate they would charge a $10 fee. We can hope it comes about soon.