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Weeknight Menus-Pickapeppa Sauce - bjcotton - 06-07-2006

I noticed that they recommended Pickapeppa Sauce in this issue. I've been recommending it to everyone for several years. I've sent Lorraine some and she loves it. The spicyness (heat) of this sauce is very mild, but the flavor is excellent. Our local stores no longer carry it so I search it out everytime I go to Portland or order it from their website. If you can get it, please try it, you'll be glad you did.

Re: Weeknight Menus-Pickapeppa Sauce - TwilightKitten - 06-07-2006

I needed that for the Jamaican Chicken in Weeknight Menus, and I actually found some at the commissary (military grocery store)! I thought I was going to have to search for it at one of the fancier grocery stores. Needless to say, I was thrilled they had it there. What else can I use it for besides that Jamaican dish?

Re: Weeknight Menus-Pickapeppa Sauce - Lorraine - 06-07-2006

I saw that recipe, and plan on making it. It's a great product. I don't use hot sauces, as I find them to be pure heat. This one has some heat, but also a great taste. I've added it to hollandaise and homemade mayo, depending on what I'm serving it with. Chicken , pork, or grilled veggie marinades.

Re: Weeknight Menus-Pickapeppa Sauce - bjcotton - 06-07-2006

It's good stuff. I use it in meatloaf, marinades, sauces; I've rubbed pork chops, chicken, beef steaks, hamburgers, meatballs..lots of stuff.