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Dec.2002 recipe - JSchott - 06-07-2006

Please help...I need the recipe for the butter-olive oil mixture given on p. 18 to be used with PHYLLO-WRAPPED SALMON WITH GINGERED SPINACH FILLING. Also please check p. 16-17 ....are these just general directions for using phyllo sheets? Thanks for your help!

Re: Dec.2002 recipe - Lorraine - 06-07-2006

Don't have that issue, but welcome to the forums!!! Have you worked with phyllo before?

Re: Dec.2002 recipe - TwilightKitten - 06-07-2006

It's 4 Tbsp unsalted butter, melted and 4 Tbsp olive oil combined. And yes, pages 16-17 are just general instructions for working with phyllo.

Re: Dec.2002 recipe - JSchott - 06-07-2006

Thanks for the instant welcome. I know I am going to really enjoy the forum.


Re: Dec.2002 recipe - JSchott - 06-07-2006

Thanks SO-O-O much for your unbelievably quick response. I am very enthusiastic about the Forum.


Re: Dec.2002 recipe - TwilightKitten - 06-07-2006

You are very welcome. Would you mind posting a review after you make that phyllo-wrapped salmon? It sure looks good! Oh, and welcome to the forum!

Re: Dec.2002 recipe - bjcotton - 06-07-2006

Welcome Jan. It's great to have another adventurer with us.

Re: Dec.2002 recipe - Roxanne 21 - 06-08-2006

WELCOME to the family, Jan. We really do have a great bunch of people here--ready and willing to help at anytime.

I have made this recipe and it is absolutely one of the best--a favorite for me when we have guests. Not that difficult--fun--and oh so good!! Try it everyone--you will love it if you like salmon!!!

I have been extremely busy with tons of projects here--but have been checking in periodically---I MISS YOU GUYS and hope to be back soon.