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Sandwiches. - vannin - 06-11-2006

Goodness, I am the only one gabbing on. Someone please shoot me. I was, as I have in the past, been considering sandwiches. And how huge a part of our diet it is. Open, closed, toasted, tea. Pizza, hamburger, BLT and all those Mexican wraps and so on. We may not live by bread alone, but we sure wrap a lot of stuff in it one way and another. Salad rolls, crouisants (sp) even tacos. How about sponge fingers and jam? And cream. OK, I am kidding. I like a cold baked bean sammie m'solf. How about you? Hot chip sammies with tomato sauce go down a treat, butter melting and oozy. The poor old Earl of Sandwich has been blamed, but the Romans were up to it. So were those troublesome Greeks, and the Egyptians? Up to their necks mate. And that Cave Man with the lantern jaw. He was responsible, not the poor old Earl. Lets get him off the hook people. Lets consider how much of our nosh is really sandwiche of some kind. And for how long. Not that a mammoth leg stuck around with a 3 food naan bread is enticing, to big really, and my oven is too small. It seems there is always a problem. Oh well. One must just press on.

Re: Sandwiches. - Roxanne 21 - 06-11-2006

Speaking of sandwiches---anybody else try those from Issue 57's cover yet?? OOOOO Really good!!! The roasted pepper mayo can be used for so many other sandwiches too. I had some leftover tenderloin from another dinner---WOW!! Just gets betta and betta!!

Re: Sandwiches. - cjs - 06-11-2006

I love sandwiches - all kinds! I've been making focaccia lately and using part for panini. Love wraps also, but made so many while catering, I'm kind of off those (for a while anyway).

Think BLT's are my favorite all time, but have switched the lettuce for basil leaves and add a 'schmear' (another technical term ) of peanut butter on the toast. YUM!

Of course, as soon as I name my favorite, I think of 3 or 4 others that we like almost as well. A good hamburger with all the fixings can't be beat....

Haven't tried those from Issue 57 yet, but they are on the list - everyone has liked them so much!

Re: Sandwiches. - bjcotton - 06-11-2006

People laugh at me, but my favorite sandwich is a slice of 12 grain bread covered with peanutbutter, lettuce, sliced onion, a sandwich meat, cheese, mayo and another slice of 12 grain. I love that sandwich. The PB gives everything else a boost.

Now with my panini grill, there's not many sandies I don't like...grilled. I got one of those oil misters for Christmas and now forego the butter and mist the bread with EVOO.

Re: Sandwiches. - mlucas1 - 06-11-2006

My kids are still young so we eat alot of pb&j and grilled cheese. I love grilled cheese, with a good sour pickle and maybe a slice of tomato between the cheesy goodness.
Racheal Ray made an "adult" version of grilled cheese that I want to try (I made the soup. yummy!),,FOOD_9936_21535,00.html

Re: Sandwiches. - Lorraine - 06-11-2006

"roasted pepper mayo "

That's a great one!
Is anyone growing garlic?? If so, take of some of the tender leaves, wiz them in the Cuisinart with some good olive oil and sea salt. Then make a mayo using some of the oil. I've been using it on sandwhiches, toasted tomato especially.

Or, smoke some tomatoes, add some oil, sea salt, P, kind of a ketchup. It's great!

Re: Sandwiches. - vannin - 06-11-2006

I know I am nagging, but please, someone try good cheddar cheese with very lightly crushed bananas. Crushed just enough to make them easy in a sandwich. Just so they are not round, more oval with the segments slightly asquew. The cheese should be sliced, not grated. Not a modest cheese, nor an agressive one. Gouda will not do. Cheddar and its close cousins do though. FWIW

Re: Sandwiches. - DFen911 - 06-12-2006

I loved those sandwiches on the cover! I even made extra sauce and froze it.

Right now I'm going into a panini phase I fell in love with them in Rome.

My all time favorite sandwich has to be made with squaw bread, thin slice smoked turkey, provolone cheese, thick slice of a beef steak tomato, red onions (soaked for about 30 minutes in red wine vinegar), avacado, green leaf lettuce, good mayo and dijon mustard.

Great..I just drooled on my keyboard.

Re: Sandwiches. - bjcotton - 06-12-2006

Ya know Dfen, they do make those plastic covers for your keyboard...I seriously considered getting one or having my arms stretched so I could sit further away from the keyboard Decided a bib was cheaper and less painful

Re: Sandwiches. - Roxanne 21 - 06-12-2006

Okay sweetie----clue me in---what is SQUAW bread??? That sounds like a very interesting concoction---I am putting that on my "to try" list---once I know what squaw bread is----now you can make me look as stupid as I am

How did the sauce freeze ??