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Italian Steak Sandwich...3? 4 Review?? - cjs - 06-18-2006

Our Father's Day Champagne Brunch is now history and what a wonderful brunch it was!! Those sandwiches are really great - as everyone has said the past couple weeks. Since my basil is going crazy, I used those leaves instead of spinach or watercress.

I took Angela's (I think it was Angela, will have to check that) suggestion and used very little of the gorgonzola mayo on the sandwich itself and just added to the sandwich as we devoured!! (yes, it was Angela...)

Now, we're on to the Father's day dinner - I had to change from doing Little Bites. A friend gave us a Chateaubriand and there is no way I would not do something with that, so...I'm doing a "Christmas Chateaubriand" from Bon Apetite, '98: Red Wine-Braised Beef Tenderloin with Red Pepper & Rosemary.

Also, July's Bon Appetite has an off the wall baked bean recipe, " Soda Jerk Beans" that just has to be tried.

Neighbors sent over some rhubarb they grew with a request of a pie to be split 'tween us, so that will be our dessert!

Hope you all are having a fun day. I know Roy Richard is...

(please excuse any typos...I can barely discern the ships out on the straits after all the champagne... )

Re: Italian Steak Sandwich...3? 4 Review?? - vannin - 06-18-2006

That sounds wonderful Jean, the sandwiches, the champers, barely being able to make out the ships in the Bay...

Re: Italian Steak Sandwich...3? 4 Review?? - Roxanne 21 - 06-19-2006

What a great LIFE!!!!! Does it get any better???

Re: Italian Steak Sandwich...3? 4 Review?? - vannin - 06-19-2006

Yes, great life indeed, sometime when we sit in the sun out on the patios or the 'other bit' I examine the holes in the knees of my jeans and ask the others what the poor people are doing. Usually gets the deserved groans. Bit like looking out over the vast forests of Russia from the 'plane and asking your companion if he can see anyone he knows. ;Þ

Re: Italian Steak Sandwich...3? 4 Review?? - bjcotton - 06-19-2006

It could have been a little better if I had been there Roxanne I know Jean just loves to cook for me