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Cappuccino Mousse - katrina - 06-18-2006

I usually have great success with these recipes, but I just tried the Cappuccino Mousse (Aug.06) When I made the mousse base, by the time it had cooled to room temp, it was very thin and separated. Any idea why?

Re: Cappuccino Mousse - cjs - 06-18-2006

Would love to try and help out, and Angela are two of the first to receive the Aug. issue...darn! Haven not seen the recipe.

Re: Cappuccino Mousse - dollop - 06-19-2006

katrina, I have already made this recipe and it was wonderful. Could it be that you didn't beat the egg, sugar, water mixture long enough to triple and form a "ribbon?"

Re: Cappuccino Mousse - katrina - 06-19-2006

Thanks for the note--it did triple very nicely, just as the recipe said, but while it was getting down to room temp, the volume diminished a lot and got watery. Once I combined all the ingredients and let it chill, it actually came out okay, but you may be right that I could have beat the mixture a little longer. Just an FYI--since we love coffee flavor, I used Espresso instead of regular coffee.

Re: Cappuccino Mousse - bjcotton - 06-19-2006

Welcome to CAH Katrina. It's nice to have someone else to share recipes and results with.

Re: Cappuccino Mousse - Roxanne 21 - 06-19-2006

WELCOME Katrina----wonderful to have you on board---it is great to have you join our growing family!!!

I wish I could comment on your dilemma BUT---I won't receive the new issue until the NEXT issue comes out---UGH!!!!!

Hope to see you frequently here---