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Question for Y'all - bjcotton - 06-19-2006

Last week I bought a Cuisinart 12" stainless skillet and a Cuisinart 5 1/2 qt Saucier. Many recipes call for medium-high heat, Cuisinart recommends that you NOT use heat over medium because the encapsulated aluminum plate in the bottom distributes heat so well things might burn. Cuisinart says, "Never use Cuisinart Chef's Classic Stainless Cookware on high heat. Food will burn. The aluminum encapsulated base makes this cookware highly conductive and efficient for quick, even heat distribution. We recommend using a low to medium setting for most cooking. To boil water, medium-high heat is sufficient..........." What do you do?

Re: Question for Y'all - Roxanne 21 - 06-19-2006

I would say to keep your stove top temps at the MEDIUM setting----didn't know that cookware came with that kind of warning. Now what would you do if you have to sear on a really high heat!!! What enticed you to purchase the cookware??? Cuisinart is great stuff--just bought a whole, entire set for my daughter setting up her new condo--she is not a cook but very willing to learn and ask advice---HMMMM---must keep this in mind---THANK YOU for the heads up on that one!!!

Re: Question for Y'all - bjcotton - 06-19-2006

"Now what would you do if you have to sear on a really high heat!!!" I don't know Roxanne. I'm used to cooking at whatever temp I want. I decided to start cooking with stainless and this brand was the only one available that I could buy a piece at a time at a reasonable price. It was basically Cuisinart or Emerilware and the Emerilware didn't have what I wanted. I'm hoping Jean or someone else can answer these questions. It does say you can boil water on med-high, so I imagine I can cook somethings or brown things on med-high but perhaps not maintain that level of heat.

Re: Question for Y'all - Roxanne 21 - 06-19-2006

What have you used before???? Stainless is the best as far as I'm concerned (except for cast iron for some things!!)

I have not heard of good reviews on Emerilware--- although I do love some of his recipes!! I did a great deal of research before purchasing cookware for daughter--Cuisinart was the best buy for the price and product reliabilty with results----would love some more feed back here if another opinion. I'm willing to admit to mistakes and maybe do something better in future ---like when I purchase NEW stuffs for us when we move back to the States!!!

Come on guys----need opinions, PLEASE!!!!

Advice Billy---work with the product with foods that you are used to and make adjustments accordingly. Every introduction is an experiment and makes it FUN!!!! What an adventure!!! Let us know what you think!!

Re: Question for Y'all - Suzie_Homemaker - 06-19-2006

How weird. My stainless steel cookware (made in Belgium) has "clad" bottoms, which I assume would be the same as "encapsulated" bottoms -- aluminum sandwiched in between layers of stainless steel. The bottoms of my pans are so thick that I think it would be very difficult to burn anything in them. I haven't seen any stainless steel cookware on the market that has bottoms as thick, though, except for the All-Clad. I used to own a set of Farberware pots and pans, but my ex husband ruined them by cooking on high heat. My advice would be to just use med. heat. If you want to cook anything on high heat, look for heavier cookware such as All-Clad.

Re: Question for Y'all - vannin - 06-19-2006

I have some cast iron enemeled casseroles that state clearly not to use over high heat. I don't either, they were very expensive. I use them more as slow cookers. The three stainless/copper bottom pots have sustained 20 years of use and substantial abuse, and are still going strong, they are Polaris. Not sure, but they may be a local brand. They did not have med. temp. warnings on them, although I don't suppose they were supposed to be used as mini barbacues either. But the kids had fun.

Re: Question for Y'all - bjcotton - 06-19-2006

My mom bought me some T-Fal cookware 23 years ago. I'm still using it today...that, an aluminum 12" skillet and cast iron...nobody gets my cast iron . I figured I was worth the new cookware. It too has the thick bottom like the All-clad. I got it cheap because the store was having their spring clearance sale with 25% off. If there's a store near you, you can order your stuff online and pick it up at the store.

Re: Question for Y'all - Kiernan46 - 06-20-2006

I have both Cuisinart and All Clad skillets. I do not remember either coming with any warnings about using high heat. But, such a high setting is probably never necessary for sauteing (that spelling doesn't look right) anything. If you are cooking on gas it should be easy to get the pan to the "right" temperature for whatever you are doing. If on electric (I hate (but have) electric) it is harder to get the right temp. Whatever, you will learn what the right setting is for the task at hand. I doubt very much you would ever use high heat for anything.

Re: Question for Y'all - cjs - 06-20-2006

BillyJ, I have AllClad and I never use the pieces on high heat. It can ruin them. Med-high, yes. Someone mentioned the possibility of never using high heat, well, sorry, but I'm high-speed-hanna and I use high heat quite often for searing, stir fries, etc.

For high heat, I use my cast iron skillets and/or my wok. Or...some old pans I have that I'm not so worried about. I think all stainless steel products advise not to use on high heat.

Ooops, just have to contradict myself!! I do to use high heat on my AllClad! When I'm hard cooking eggs, or bring pasta water up to speed, I'm on high...

So, maybe I ought to start again! I don't use high heat on my skillets - ever, but the pots will depend on how much of a hurry I'm in. (not real scientific, eh?? )

Re: Question for Y'all - Suzie_Homemaker - 06-20-2006

I rarely use high heat (I use high mostly to bring water to a boil), but I'd hate to think that I couldn't use high heat if I wanted to. IMHO, it's better to buy good cookware that can take the heat.