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Any diabetics out there using "Splenda"???? - madmax - 06-25-2006

Yep it's the "looky-loo" again , I eat oatmeal and a nana every morning and am going to miss a little sugar in it, I dabbed my finger in this and I really didn't notice any after taste as in other products. Curious if you have tried it and how it works for you ?? or any other ideas you have used it for. Thanks for any feed back.

Re: Any diabetics out there using "Splenda"???? - Lorraine - 06-25-2006

Can't help, but great to see you here, Madmax!

Re: Any diabetics out there using "Splenda"???? - vannin - 06-25-2006

It might be a good idea to contact the company for an info/cook book. I understand it can be used in many ways, jam etc. But you might want to do a seach on it as well, some people don't give it full points for safety. Good to see you here Madmax. 'bout time...

Re: Any diabetics out there using "Splenda"???? - cjs - 06-25-2006

Tracie, it's amazing the amount of people who do use Splenda and what all they use it in. Good luck!! Yes, very good to see you here again...

Re: Any diabetics out there using "Splenda"???? - madmax - 06-25-2006

Hi Dale and Lorraine ...Lorraine you might soon regret "great to see you here", due to "lifestyle changes" I have to go from cooking saturday and sunday wonderful meals to cooking 7 days a week, and healthly no less. So lots of "Q's coming to all these wonderful foodies here

Re: Any diabetics out there using "Splenda"???? - vannin - 06-25-2006

Shane is diabetic too, Chinese food is what sends him over the edge.

Re: Any diabetics out there using "Splenda"???? - DFen911 - 06-25-2006

Hello and welcome to the boards.

My husband is a type 2 diabetic and we've been very lucky thus far in that diet and execise help keep it under control. Anytime I have to use sugar in a recipe I still use sugar. But he uses it every morning on his oatmeal and cereal. Now I have to buy it a Costco because it's a lot cheaper.

Re: Any diabetics out there using "Splenda"???? - bjcotton - 06-25-2006

I don't use it Tracy, but that is no recommendation. My pancreas quit working which is why I'm diabetic..though it does seem to work on occasion. I just limit how much of things I eat. Seems to work for me. That and a little insulin a day...only 15 units which is quite small.

Re: Any diabetics out there using "Splenda"???? - Suzie_Homemaker - 06-26-2006

I'm not diabetic, but my MIL is. I use Splenda in my iced tea and in certain recipes. [Example: When making cream cheese frosting for carrot cake, I use Splenda Granular instead of powdered sugar; can't tell the diff. ] I don't bake with Splenda, though I did try the Splenda-Sugar Blend for Baking once just to see how it would perform. I made 1 loaf with regular sugar, and another loaf with the blend. [The Splenda-Sugar Blend is 50% Splenda and 50% granulated sugar.] The 2 loaves looked and tasted the same. If you choose to try Splenda, there's a lot of helpful info. on their website, and they have a toll free number you can call as well. [When I called them, they sent me a coupon. ]

Hope this helps.

Re: Any diabetics out there using "Splenda"???? - Gloria2b - 06-26-2006

As far as I am concerned Splenda is the best replacement for sugar products out there! Yes, I have been T2 diabetic for some time now! Not to mention the other 50 million health problems...!

The Splenda website has a lot of good information as well as some really good recipes and a newsletter you can sign up for. The newsletter will have recipes too!

I even use Splenda in plain nonfat yogurt with some cocoa powder and almond extract to create a "pudding-type" of dessert! Yummy! The Brown Sugar Blend Splenda is good also! I use it regularly also!

I have a group on yahoo called "Healthy Recipes for Diabetic Friends" and do post a lot of Splenda recipes as well as recommending it as a substitute for sugar in many recipes that call for sugar.

I tried other sweeteners but had trouble with some "side effects" that required me to find something else and Splenda fit the need!

I also use a herbal sweetener called Stevia in herbal teas which works well. If you have not heard of it ... you might check it out as well! I use the liquid form that comes with a dropper ... I use no more than 5 drops per glass otherwise it tastes odd.

If I can be of any other help...let me know...
Take care,