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Review: Angela's Birthday Dinner July 10 - farnfam - 07-08-2006

Hi and sorry to be jumping the gun. Hope no one minds I'm a bit early, but it's now or never on this weeks schedule teehee.
That Bricked and Brined Chicken was totally Fabulous!! We had it on the 3rd. After the initial "surgery" the chicken was ready to be flattened. Soaked as instructed and grilled with bricks and we were delighted with the results. Juicy and so tasty!! The Panzanella Salad was a big hit too. We added grilled romaine and loved it.
Added the leftover chicken (sliced up) to a second Panzanella salad made a night or two later, added corn and left out the bread. So maybe that wasn't really panzanella that time
This was a definite to do again 10yums!!

Re: Review: Angela's Birthday Dinner July 10 - cjs - 07-08-2006

O.K., I'll play early also!! We loved this dinner!! good choice, Angela. Just licking our fingers right and left. I followed the instructions with the chix this time, but next time I'm going to put the rub between the skin and chix meat, so I can get rid of the skin - it's so darn good, it was hard to discard the first time around!!

Loved the salad also and yes, I'm a convert to grilling Romaine now - wonderful!! Great combination of flavors.

For dessert, I was trying out a chemical-laden instant choc pudding parfait thing to test for my daughter's menus (and it wasn't half bad...tasting), so can't really contribute on dessert.

As good as this was, I think I'll probably gauge all our menus by the Chicken Roulade with Caesar and Tomato concasse - I just loved that - and this dinner was up there, but not quite there. Definitely a repeat!

Re: Review: Angela's Birthday Dinner July 10 - Bizymomma - 07-10-2006

Fixed my birthday dinner tonight! Just in time for the review due.....TODAY! LOL

Anyway, the chicken was really tender. DH liked the spice on the outside. I, like Jean, will make more spice next time, and be sure to rub under the skin as well as outside.
I will give it an 8 out of 10.

The Panzanella salad was very refreshing! I will fix it again! I was not able to find fontina cheese, so I subbed a gouda. I love gouda, so it worked out okay. I can't find fontina here....

Overall, this made a good summer time dinner!

Re: Review: Angela's Birthday Dinner July 10 - TwilightKitten - 07-13-2006

Sorry for the late review! I made Angela's birthday dinner the other night and aside from charring the skin, it was delicious! I had a little more trouble with it because I doubled the recipe. Silly me put both chickens in a 2 gallon bag, and it was heavy and unwieldy. I made quite a mess with the sloshing brine! Oops! Next time perhaps I'll have to pick up 2 pitchers and do it Angela's ingenious way!

My charcoal grill just wasn't big enough to hold two chickens with the bricks on top, so not all parts of the chicken were pressed flat enough. Those pieces took longer to cook. It was a pain in the you-know-what! The good news is that it made my dear husband realize the grill was too small for our needs (I tried to tell him that when we bought it!!!) we'll be getting a bigger one. Woohoo!

Anyway, the chicken was juicy and flavorful (from the brine, the rub, and the glaze). We are looking forward to making it again without charring and undercooking it!

The panzanella was delicious too and was easy to make. My 13 year old loved it!

Oh, and I did rub the the spices under the skin like Jean and Angela said they'd do next time. It was a good thing too since the skin got so charred! Thanks for the tip, guys!