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Why - vannin - 07-21-2006

Why do we call fast food "fast food", meaning food like McDs. A derogatory term really. Yet Billy made 'fast food' for his guests and it was good food. An avocado and a lemon is very fast food, but very good food. A flour dusted and seasoned fillet of fresh fish takes only a couple of minutes to cook, but very good food again. So fast food is a misnomer, isn't it. Perhaps we should change the vernacular to 'rude food' or something.

Re: Why - Lorraine - 07-21-2006

To me , fast food is when you bypass the kitchen. AKA, the drive through. And yes, it could take as long as Billy's 20 minutes.

Re: Why - farnfam - 07-21-2006

I think rude food is more proper explanation of it, or fake food maybe. But y'know how it goes. It doesn't really matter what it is, it's what we've come to call it. Like a nick name.

Re: Why - vannin - 07-21-2006

So it is Lorraine, I didn't think of that. But on the other hand bypassing the kitchen might involve a very good restaurant with superior food. Just have to be the devils advocate don't I. I am ashamed of myself. ;Þ A bit.

Re: Why - cjs - 07-22-2006

hmmm, fast food to me is ordering Chinese in...

Re: Why - bjcotton - 07-22-2006

I can answer you question Dale....BECAUSE!