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Website - farnfam - 07-31-2006

Hi All,
I know we like to check out all things food. Here is a website I came across. I hope you will enjoy it.

Re: Website - DFen911 - 08-01-2006

Thanks for sharing that. I love seeing pictures of meals as they're plated. Sometimes you read a recipe and it's hard to picture the final product.

Of course I'm hungry again...

Re: Website - Roxanne 21 - 08-01-2006

What an interesting site. I will visit it again to get some ideas for future dinners. Thank you for the heads up on this one. The things we find--isn't the net wonderful???

Re: Website - cjs - 08-01-2006

What a great website for ideas!!

Re: Website - Bizymomma - 08-02-2006

I know that the pictures on this website are probably a "portioned" serving...LOL, but my husband would laugh if I laid out a plate with so little on it!! He'd say, "Angela, I shouldn't be able to count the green beans on one hand!"

Re: Website - vannin - 08-02-2006

Yes it is a really good site, I have been enjoying it for quite a time now.

Re: Website - farnfam - 08-02-2006

Oh good to hear, life is lovelier when your friends are pleased with you