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Relief please.... - Bizymomma - 08-01-2006

Oh goodness friends.....I can't believe how hot it is here. Ughh I don't even feel like cooking. I bought some mussels and linguine at the store. Maybe just a fresh lemon/wine sauce. Bruschetta too...with all that fresh basil I have!

I'm ready for winter! For those of you involved in the heat wave don't forget to check on your neighbors!! It's oppressive out there!

Re: Relief please.... - Old Bay - 08-01-2006

Serve it with a crisp, cold, herbacious, sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. Fix a little orange sorbet to finish.

Re: Relief please.... - Bizymomma - 08-01-2006

Makes me feel better already!

Re: Relief please.... - foodfiend - 08-01-2006

I've recently figured out that pasta can be cooked in a microwave, and I'm grilling everything else! Polar opposite of my cooking routine in January when I bake constantly to have some extra heat in the kitchen. Southwestern PA-- 100F in August, 17F in January. Geez.... I'm thinkin'-- San Diego???

Re: Relief please.... - Bizymomma - 08-01-2006

Welcome to the forums foodfiend!!! We have a fun time here! Hope you'll stick around!

Re: Relief please.... - Lorraine - 08-01-2006

Foodfiend, Welcome!!!

It's so hot and humid, I didnt want to cook. Bbq'd last night, and darn near died standing over a hot grill!

So, tonight, one had scrambled eggs. One had leftover thick sliced ham ( that I grilled last night) sweet potatoes, grilled pineapple, cukes, radishes yada yada. I had a leftover hotdog that I zapped in the bun with cheese and ketchup and coleslaw. I ate it standing up at the edge of the pool.

Re: Relief please.... - farnfam - 08-01-2006

Hello foodfiend! abnormally hot here in the great white north this summer too. Welcome aboard
BTW, how do you nuke pasta?

Re: Relief please.... - bjcotton - 08-01-2006

Welcome Foodfiend, it's good to have you with us.

Y'all know how I was whining last week because it was 105F/40.6C...well, since Saturday, we've begun to have cooler than normal weather. This morning at 7:00 it was 48F/8.89C and now it is 78F/25.6C. I really feel for all of you having that heat. Come on over, camp out, go over to the coast to my sister's house where it's 64F/17.8C, or to my other sister's house in Portland, OR where it's 80F/26.7C. Y'all come on, we'll find a place for you.

Bill, I was going to suggest a Lemon-Rosemary or a Pink Grapefruit Sorbet...but any one would do. If you want recipes, let me know.

Re: Relief please.... - dollop - 08-01-2006

Welcome to you, Foodfiend!

Hot here in south central VA. Heat index today was 106* and I am about zapped!

Please don't forget to check on all the animals outside, too! If you have a birdbath please take the time to change the water so the birds will have a cool drink and bath each day!! Put out fresh water several times a day for all the poor cats and dogs out there. I dropped off trash today and found 3 kittens at the dump. Poor little flea bitten I went back to the house and got milk and moist food and finally caught them after about 20 minutes and several claws later. Took them to the shelter to get immediate help for them. They ate like little hungry lion cubs. At least they are safe from the heat the rest of this week (100-103). Please think about the animals.

Re: Relief please.... - foodfiend - 08-01-2006

Thanks for all of the "welcomes"!
How many posts until I can have that word stranger removed from under my user name???

Okay, to nuke the pasta I use a 2 quart corningware casserole dish (4" deep) with a glass lid. I fill it about 2/3 with water and bring to a boil. Add the pasta (not too much), stir well, and cook for 2 minutes on "high"; stir, then another 5 minutes on 40% power. Stir. Cook until al dente at 2 minutes increments at 40% power. I place a couple of layers of paper towels under the casserole too, since it will overflow. It's a bit of a mess, but keeps the kitchen cooler than using the cooktop!

The birds have clean water every morning. I actually used cable ties to attach an old unbrella to a hanging planter where a wren made a nest and is busy feeding her babies. I figured they could use some extra shade. There is a stray cat around, so I leave water out for him/ her as well. Dollop-- how nice of you to resuce those little furballs!