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Splendid Soups - esgunn - 08-11-2006

Is anyone thinking of getting this book from C@H? I just saw it advertised on the web site. I wonder how many of the recipe's are repeats...

Re: Splendid Soups - TwilightKitten - 08-11-2006

Thank you for pointing it out...I didn't know it was there. I will probably get it and just hope for not too many repeats.

Re: Splendid Soups - Roxanne 21 - 08-12-2006

I didn't know it was there either---guess I should be more careful and read before I jump into what's happening here. I will order--I'm an easy sell----I didn't notice any repeats in the Weeknight Menus---hoping for the same with the soups----

I just went and reviewed the advert---the sample recipe IS A REPEAT!! Lasagna soup---on my list sometime in the near future---after I catch up---still looking for pork filets for the grilled pork dinner I missed---we had a pig "flu" outbreak a while ago---maybe why I can't find--ya think??

Re: Splendid Soups - cjs - 08-12-2006

I haven't checked it out either - I have the forum saved as my 'favorite place' so I bypass the 'front page' - maybe that's a mistake, I could be missing something...

Re: Splendid Soups - bjcotton - 08-12-2006

I was hoping the Weeknight Menus was going to be a regular thing. Loved the recipes, but don't know if I would have paid that much for it as a one-time thing.

Re: Splendid Soups - Lorraine - 08-14-2006

I think I'll buy it, as I don't have any back issues. If it's half as good as the Weeknight one, I'll be very happy!

Re: Splendid Soups - Calliope - 09-06-2006

I received mine today. Haven't had a chance to review it, but there are nice photos similar to those in the magazine. The cover says there are 103 "ALL NEW" recipes, but I'm not sure of that yet. There are soups and a "side" with each soup. I'm glad I bought it even if the recipes aren't "all new".