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Nice spinach dish - lxxf - 08-12-2006

This is from memory because I threw out the book when I found out the Frugal Gourmet's sins. I should have copies the recipes I liked - oh well.

Defrost 2 packages frozen spinach and drain well and place in a shallow baking dish.

Place a layer of sliced mushrooms on spinach and season with salt pepper and thyme.

Bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until muchrooms sweat

Cover mushrooms with a mixture of 1 cup sour cream mixed with 1/2 shredded cheddar cheese.

Bake until cheese melts and sour cream bubbles.

I've found it useful to make sure that the sour cream is at room temp - it's easier to spread that way.

I've also made this for a crowd - there never seems to be too many leftovers.

Re: Nice spinach dish - Calliope - 08-12-2006

Thanks so much. Sounds easy and delicious. What's not to love about sour cream and cheese, melted and bubbling. When a recipe says "bake until bubbly", I'm interested!

Re: Nice spinach dish - cjs - 08-13-2006

Yum - this does sound tasty!!

Re: Nice spinach dish - dollop - 08-13-2006

Thank you, sounds yummy.

Re: Nice spinach dish - Roxanne 21 - 08-13-2006

And double yum-----new recipes for spinach ALWAYS wanted!! Thanks for the post--

Re: Nice spinach dish - Lorraine - 08-14-2006

Thanks! And welcome!