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What did you have for Labor Day? - Calliope - 09-05-2006

What did everyone have for Labor Day or over Labor Day weekend?

For Labor Day, I didn't really have a "balanced" meal, but a good Southern meal. I "brined" some chicken in salt water, hot sauce and crab boil, coated it in flour seasoned with salt and pepper and fried it. It was the best fried chicken I've ever had. I don't love chicken, but this chicken meat had great flavor. We had cornbread salad,speckled butter beans, corn on the cob and blackberry cobbler.

During the rest of the weekend, we had fried fish, steamed crab claws, cast iron skillet seared beef filets with blue cheese butter, creamed spinach and chicken and andouille gumbo. Nothing too unusual, but we ate well and had a good time!

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Re: What did you have for Labor Day? - cjs - 09-05-2006

"tear apart three out of six of our grills and give them a THOROUGH cleaning." - not my favortie kitchen job...especially having to stand on a box!

I was on the grill all weekend also...our grill. I did all the cooking on the grill outside whether it was on the grill or in a skillet on the grill. Love the grill -

For Labor Day, for a difference, we went meatless - usually a hard sell around here , Apple Cheddar Quesadillas with Cranberry Slaw. Great dinner!

Re: What did you have for Labor Day? - Lorraine - 09-05-2006

We had 3 days of cold, wet, windy, miserable weather, so I had to cook inside. Pork Butt ( would have been better on the grill), meat loaf, Coq au Vin, a vat of spaghetti sauce to freeze, the Sweet Potato muffins, the Sweet Potato, Spinach, Bacon salad.

Re: What did you have for Labor Day? - Calliope - 09-05-2006

I would love the cranberry slaw recipe! That sounds interesting.

I wish we could get Nathan's dogs here or, at least, Hebrew National, but we're stuck with the usual dogs and they just don't taste good to me.

Re: What did you have for Labor Day? - DFen911 - 09-05-2006

Studied for my test. Got a lot of laundry done.

But on Monday went to my sisters and had a really nice BBQ for my dad's birthday. Had some wonderful grilled salmon!

Just a quiet weekend for us

Re: What did you have for Labor Day? - Roxanne 21 - 09-05-2006

We had a wonderful STEAK!!! with corn on the cob, salad and sauteed potatoes----simple but OHHH SOOO good!!!

No labor day here (except for the labor I participated in) but in spirit it was celebrated.

Re: What did you have for Labor Day? - farnfam - 09-05-2006

My daughter and friend came for the weekend. For Friday's dinner we had the Brined and Bricked Chix (the one we did for Angela's online birthday dinner)with potatoes and onions in tin foil (pallipote? sp?),steamed green beans, and for dessert blackberry cobbler with ice cream. For Saturday it was still raining but we had the regular BBQ with dogs and burgers with fixins, tho we had to eat inside. I made Roxanne's hamburger rolls and they were a big hit. Thanks Rox. For dessert Saturday we made ice cream sandwiches with brownies for the outsides. oink oink
We had a lovely visit, and now we're heading out there to see Heidi graduate. Be back soon XXXX's

Re: What did you have for Labor Day? - pjcooks - 09-05-2006

We had grilled burgandy steak tips, oven roasted fingerling potatoes with fresh rosemary and chives, broiled fresh tomatoes with fresh basil and Parm Reg cheese, and peas. Not particularly imaginative, but quick and good-I had to work (albeit at home) all weekend.


Re: What did you have for Labor Day? - pjcooks - 09-05-2006

I would love to have your cranberry slaw recipe!