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Cornbread Leftovers - cjs - 09-07-2006

Swissmiss got me to thinking - the reason I don't make cornbread often is there are only two of us at home now and I really get tired of seeing the old frozen pkgs. of l/o cornbread in the freezer... what do you all do with the l/os, if you have them??

The only way I eat it the next day, is like my Grandpa got me to doing - in a bowl with milk and sugar.

(not turkey stuffing - I have my favorite for that and it's not with cornbread... )

Re: Cornbread Leftovers - Lorraine - 09-07-2006

I fry them into croutons for Caesar Salad. I've also crumbed them and added them to a spicy meatball mixture instead of bread crumbs. I always have lots leftover, I'm the only one in the house who eats it!!!

Re: Cornbread Leftovers - cjs - 09-07-2006

"croutons for Caesar Salad." Hello!!!!

Re: Cornbread Leftovers - Lorraine - 09-08-2006

LOL It's taken me 24 hours clue in. They really are good. I do the same with leftover polenta.

Re: Cornbread Leftovers - bjcotton - 09-08-2006

You're so clever Lorraine! I seldom have enough l/o to worry about. I don't believe I have your Spicy Meatball it please...

Re: Cornbread Leftovers - cjs - 09-08-2006

I've done that with polenta, but didn't even think of using the cornbread!!!