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Bulb basters - Roxanne 21 - 09-08-2006

I need a replacement for my bulb baster. I have replaced the once I presently have twice---NOT HAPPY with it. It doesn't do very well with the suction department---isn't that what we should get out of this product??

The site I ordered from (again X2) is Chef's Catalogue. Don't want to do that again. I thought the first one was defective and for the price just orderd a new one---NAH, NAH!!!

OKAY you pros out there---where do I find a really good quality product that will do the job it's supposed to do?

Side note: When I worked in the operating room (I won't say what century) the surgeons used a plastic disposable one that was the best!!! I "confiscated" one at one point and was sorry to see it disappear along the way---unused previously, of course.

Open for suggestions, please-----

Re: Bulb basters - cjs - 09-08-2006

geez, I'm almost embarrassed to admit I still have the old glass one and it still has it's suction. I've never put mine in the dishwasher, so don't know if that would affect them (maybe stretching a little?) or not. darn, that thing has to be 45 years old.

Have you thot of contacting Chef's re this problem? I've only heard good things about them standing behind their products.

Re: Bulb basters - Roxanne 21 - 09-08-2006

I'm looking for a glass one!!!! Or combo glass/something else. Because I'm in a foreign country, it really is not worth the time and money to pursue the issue---postage alone will be at least X3 the price of the item.

I never put through the diswasher either--hand wash only--how does a diswasher clean the inside of the cylinder?? And the heat would soften and decrease the contact capability of the rubber stopper/suction tube.


Re: Bulb basters - cjs - 09-08-2006

Roxanne, I don't know if they even make glass ones anymore, I've only seen nylon for years now. Good luck.

Re: Bulb basters - bjcotton - 09-08-2006

I have a Tupperware baster, it has a hole right under the base of the bulb that has to be blocked before it developes any suction. It also has a little doojiggy at the bottom that you have to tilt before it will let the juice out. Took me a while before I discovered blocking the hole.

Re: Bulb basters - Lorraine - 09-09-2006

"have the old glass one "

LOL Me too. I've been using my SIL's father's. It must be 45 years old, but still works like a charm. The only other one I've found that came close is the one made out of silicone, like the silicone bread pans etc.

Re: Bulb basters - Roxanne 21 - 09-09-2006

OKAY!!! So now I need sources???? I'm sorta desperate--would like to have this accomplished before daughter Wendy and "friend" (a PROFESSIONAL cook--I'm NOT too nervous or anything) comes here for vacation and THANKSGIVING!!! I can make do but it sure would be nice to not have to--

Re: Bulb basters - TwilightKitten - 09-09-2006

Like this?

Re: Bulb basters - cjs - 09-09-2006

Oh, how fun, Roxanne!! You be sure and write down everything she/he (the cook) gives you ideas about. Listen, blow his/her socks off by insisting you must have your mise en place ready before cooking. Also, if you have to strain anything (God forbid lumps in the gravy), insist you've misplaced your chinois (just in case, pronounced sheen-Wah). You'll be the hit of his/her vacation!

Re: Bulb basters - bjcotton - 09-10-2006

Roxanne, go to and put bulb baster in the search box. They've got one I think I might order for $11.99. Or use the link below.