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Splendid Soups & Spectactular Sides - Half_Baked - 09-23-2006

I was at Barnes & Nobel looking for the C@H Magazine. The only one out was October so I'm sure I'll get that in the mail....BUT, lo and behold they had Splendid Soups & Spectactular Sides. I'm perusing it right now.

I didn't see Weeknight Dinners and I should have asked but I was so tickled to find this that I didn't even think about it.

Well, I'm at the bookstore at least once a week so I'll get a helper to check out their storage area. I found Mr HBs football mag that way when none were on the shelves.

Now I'm heading over to to check out the free recipes and see what else is on that site.

Re: Splendid Soups & Spectactular Sides - Half_Baked - 09-23-2006

Well, I went over there and couldn't read anything. I sent this to the 'Contacts'.

"I am unable to read the recipes or any of the information on

I clicked on the pictures and the font for the recipes must be a .05 It is impossible to read...even with a magnifying glass.

Would you please have someone fix this? In fact it would be very nice if someone could update the chat forum. I believe you would have more traffic, hence sell more magazines.

Thank you. Jan"

Has anyone else had this problem?

Re: Splendid Soups & Spectactular Sides - esgunn - 09-23-2006

I don't know if you tried this or not - but the web site says to access the bonus recipes and video you need to enter the access code from the back of your magazine and your email address.

Do you mind telling how much it was to purchase off the shelf? I would be interested if it is a big difference from the online price with the free shipping.

Re: Splendid Soups & Spectactular Sides - Half_Baked - 09-24-2006

The Soup Mag is exactly the same, $9.99.

I did put my secret # in and when the page came up, all the information is tiny tiny tiny. Yes, I clicked on what I thought was Adobe reader and could read the soup directions but there was no way I could find where the sides and desserts are located.

I hope it's not my computer.

Re: Splendid Soups & Spectactular Sides - carolekv - 09-26-2006

Is it taking everyone FOREVER to get this magazine? I've been waiting for a couple of weeks now, and I want to start making some cozy fall soups!!!

Re: Splendid Soups & Spectactular Sides - TwilightKitten - 09-26-2006

lol...yes, it IS taking forever! I ordered mine over a month ago.

Re: Splendid Soups & Spectactular Sides - Half_Baked - 09-26-2006

Seriously is it just my computer or is the font itsy bitsy? When I went to today, I couldn't read where to put in my 'secret' number (I assumed it was the yellow box) and it kept telling my email address was wrong. I think I signed up for emailed recipes 3x.

When you go to post, see the continue button under 'I want to preview my post'....the font is 1/3 the size of the letters in 'continue'.