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Hot Wings Wraps - Bizymomma - 10-02-2006

Fixed these yesterday for a football watching snack.
Issue 51 June 2005
First off, I didn't have any Franks Hot Sauce, so I used Crystals. Crystals is a little more spicy than Franks, so they were pretty "heated".
The blue cheese dressing came out too thick. I don't think the recipe is written right cause it shows them drizzling the dressing on the wraps. I had to "blob" mine on. I ended up adding a little more milk.

Overall, they were okay. I would say a 5 or 6. My son loves hot wings, but wasn't crazy about this. The sauce had honey in it which made it a little sweet. Next time, I think I'll skip the honey and lime juice and do just a tradional hot wing sauce.

Re: Hot Wings Wraps - cjs - 10-02-2006

It's a shame when a recipe doesn't work out, but we really are fortunate with the ones we seem to choose that DO turn out well - guess it would be boring if we didn't have some misses????

Re: Hot Wings Wraps - dollop - 10-02-2006

I'm sorry you had this type of result, Bizymomma...I hate when that happens.