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Madeleines - Roxanne 21 - 10-05-2006

Just wondering if anyone has a fvorite recipe for these little delights. I finally received my madeleine pan in my care package -- I won't whinge (whine) about the time frame -- I ordered the "____" thing when I was reading a recipe and thought this might be a fun thing to do. Curious, that's all.

Re: Madeleines - cjs - 10-05-2006

I made them one time at school and one time at work, but other than that, I've not really worked with them. I'm anxious to hear what others have done also. I do have an earmarked recipe for "Marinated Cherries with Honey Ice Cream and Madeleines" that I haven't tried yet....

Re: Madeleines - Half_Baked - 10-05-2006

Madeleines were my mom's favorite cookie but alas, I don't have any of her recipes.

Re: Madeleines - dollop - 10-05-2006

This is a good recipe!

Ther are also some good recipes in, Once Upon A Tart.

Sweet and savory!!

Re: Madeleines - vannin - 10-05-2006

Thank you dollop, saved to favourites. I adore them, but never made them, so suitable for Christening teas and so on.

Re: Madeleines - bjcotton - 10-06-2006

I want to know, "Madeleine's what?" Obviously I don't know what they are. I assume a cookie like thingie since that's what you've mentioned, but what are they like?

Re: Madeleines - Roxanne 21 - 10-06-2006

A madeleine is a traditional sweet from France. Madeleines are identified by their distinctive shell-like shape, which they acquire from being baked in special pans with shell-shaped depressions. Madeleines are cake-like and fairly small. Their flavour is similar to, but somewhat lighter than, pound cake, with a pronounced butter-and-lemon taste.

I liked the pan for some strange reason--now I need a tried and true recipe.

Thanks dollop--the sites are great!!

Re: Madeleines - vontrottzu - 10-06-2006

I have always used the recipe from The Joy Of Cooking and I have found it to be superb. I once had to make 12 dozen for a reception while taking a course on Proust, i.e., the famous tea and madeline scene. I always think of Swans Way.

Re: Madeleines - cjs - 10-07-2006

Welcome to the forums, 'von'!! Good to see you.

Re: Madeleines - Roxanne 21 - 10-07-2006

Thank you vontrottzu---HUGE WELCOME to our family. You will love it here, I hope!! Interesting screen name--see ya around!!!