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Leftover corn tortillas - Bizymomma - 10-29-2006

Buying just a small pack of corn tortillas here is not an option. Since our population of Hispanics has rapidly grown, you can get JUMBO packages corn tortillas here! LOL My question is this, the package that I bought had 30 in it. Now, I'm not wanting to use them anytime soon, but hate to throw away this whole package.

Is there anyway to store these? freeze? Anybody know?

Re: Leftover corn tortillas - cjs - 10-29-2006

Sure, they freeze great - if you're going to fry them after thawing, I would suggest p.toweling them well, so the frosty bits don't splatter at you.

Do you use them for bowls for taco salads??? Love to do that.

Re: Leftover corn tortillas - coco hernandez - 10-29-2006

Yes! Just put the package in the freezer. Some people put a square of waxed paper in between each tortilla but I don't. I simply use a wide knife, insert the tip in between each tortilla are work it in. They pop apart quite easily. I freeze all my tortillas, flour and corn.

Re: Leftover corn tortillas - farnfam - 10-29-2006

Or you could make chips out of them for to go with snacks and cocktails. Or make quesadillas maybe

Re: Leftover corn tortillas - Half_Baked - 10-29-2006

I usually wrap up stacks of 10 and put the packages in a freezer bag.

Re: Leftover corn tortillas - Bizymomma - 10-29-2006

Great!! Thanks everybody!

Re: Leftover corn tortillas - Roxanne 21 - 10-30-2006

I always freeze my leftover tortillas---no problem. And they thaw really quickly.

Re: Leftover corn tortillas - carolekv - 10-30-2006

Well, now I'm wondering if I'm making a mistake. I get big packs of these, but since they were just on the regular shelf at the grocery store, I assumed that I could store them in my bread box safely. So far, they haven't gone bad. But then, I make that turkey tortilla soup (in one of the volumes of the Cooking magazine from a previous year) quite often, and that calls for 6 each time, so maybe I use them up quickly enough that they don't have time to go bad?

Re: Leftover corn tortillas - cjs - 10-30-2006

If your eyesight is good Carole, you might be able to find the da-- expiration date stamped on the pkg. For some reason, even tho they are not refrigerated at the store, I do put them in the fridge when I open the pkg. Why? Haven't a clue...