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Tammy's Huevos Rancheros Review - cjs - 10-30-2006

Well, nobody else is coming on early to review these two dishes and I'm impatient, so here goes!

Over all, we liked these very much. I had to tie my hands not to make my favorite salsa and go with the one in the recipe. That was my only concern with the whole dish - the salsa, I thot, did not need that vinegar, didn't care for it at all and had to add a little sugar to counteract.

Loved having so much Black Bean chili to freeze in little pkgs. for later.

Rating for me? I guess an 8 Make again? I would certainly make the B.B. chili - loved the flavors.

Re: Tammy's Huevos Rancheros Review - farnfam - 10-30-2006

Well, we really did love the Black Bean Chili. We make our own version of huevos rancheros pretty often but this time we stuck with the recipe. And glad we did. Loved the melted cheese on the tortillas. Loved the BBchili. The salsa was good we enjoyed it. Overall a good experience for Tammy's birthday brunch. 8.5 Yums, will make again

Re: Tammy's Huevos Rancheros Review - Roxanne 21 - 10-30-2006

I'm still trying to find some black beans---OF ANY KIND!!! I may need to try kidney beans--what do y'all
think?? Haven't done rancheros before--don't want to try too many different things at the same time---

Re: Tammy's Huevos Rancheros Review - dollop - 10-30-2006

We had these Sunday morning. Mixed reviews.

DH didn't care for this recipe at all...I felt it was just different. Not our usual recipe. I will give it a 7.5 I guess. I think DH was a little harsh with his review. He tends to get "stuck" with flavor and texture issues at times.

Re: Tammy's Huevos Rancheros Review - Bizymomma - 10-30-2006

So here it goes….Huevos Rancheros! We really enjoyed this dish. I’ll give it 8.5. I followed the directions to the “T” except…..when it came time to heat up my salsa, there wasn’t enough to cover the bottom of the skillet so I had to resort to adding some Pace. I too could do without the vinegar in the salsa next time.
It made a ton of beans! Lucky for me Sunday is NFL “snacks” day. I can see some nachos screaming for the leftovers! LOL

Were the tortillas supposed to get hard? I used corn tortillas like the magazine did, but theirs looked like they had gotten crispy in the baking process. How are they really supposed to be?

I’ve always been very hesitant to try this dish. I guess it was the whole egg situation that kind of turned me off. But I’m glad I tried it. It was good. I was thinking, you could use that base and instead of an egg, you could put a pan seared piece of Mexican spiced fish, fajita meat…shrimp. It has a lot of possibilities I think. I'm glad I tried it!