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PC-based cooking libraries? - carolekv - 11-06-2006

I've seen a few references to computer-based cookbook software (MasterCook?) and am thinking of buying a copy. Any advice on which one and which revision? I've got an extra laptop that I'm thinking of moving into my kitchen and using for recipes. I'd catalog my own stuff, the C@H stuff that I've tried, etc. (I love the recipes in C@H but wish they'd come up with a better cataloguing system.)


Re: PC-based cooking libraries? - DFen911 - 11-06-2006

I use Mastercook 9.0 and love it. I took all my recipe cards and inputted them into my pc. The only main thing I can advise is make backups often!!

It is never "if" my computer crashes it is "when" my computer crashes. Because it will.

But if you have backups then life is good

Re: PC-based cooking libraries? - Bizymomma - 11-06-2006

I bought Mastercook 9 a couple of months ago and I really like it! I would recommend! In fact,....I bought the program for my sister for Christmas.

Re: PC-based cooking libraries? - bjcotton - 11-06-2006

I've been using MC 9 since right after it came out. It is an excellent program that makes importing, exporting, copying, transferring, etc. easy. If you see a recipe you like online, MC9 can easily import it with any changes you like right into the program. And, it's only $19.99. I've given it as presents to several people.

Re: PC-based cooking libraries? - Half_Baked - 11-06-2006

*importing, exporting, copying, transferring, etc. *
We're going to have to work on these BJ...pretty please! I've just been using import assistant. Now you know why my fingers are calloused.

Re: PC-based cooking libraries? - esgunn - 11-06-2006

Oh Jan! Do you have a MC icon on your tool bar in your internet browser? If you do, when on this site or any other internet site - hit that button. It will open a small window/pane to the left of your current internet page.
* Highlight the recipe Title - check the box that has title in it.
* Next highlight the ingredients - check the box that says ingredients.
* Hightlight the directions - check the box that says directions.
* Etc - proceede with what ever info you are using.
* If you want to add some typing of your own - click the Edit>> for that category and it will let you edit or type.
* THen click add to recipe list
Click LIST at the top (Where is says SHOW: Current, List, Help.
Then Click Save to Master cook - it is soooo easy!

Re: PC-based cooking libraries? - Half_Baked - 11-06-2006

I didn't even notice that MC9 on my toolbar. Thank you so very much!

That is sooooooooo cool!

Re: PC-based cooking libraries? - bjcotton - 11-06-2006

I have "how to" instructions typed out. I'll email them to you beginning tomorrow.

Re: PC-based cooking libraries? - Roxanne 21 - 11-07-2006

I think it's time for me to succumb to the inevitable---really must do something about my recipe collection!!

Thanks for the reviews!

Re: PC-based cooking libraries? - Half_Baked - 11-07-2006

Roxanne, I had MC7, which I thought was the new one when I purchased it. Boy was I aggravated when I installed it and it was an old edition. This MC9 is so far superior that it's amazing.