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Are You Nervous? Scared? - bjcotton - 11-12-2006

My friends ask me almost daily if I'm nervous or scared about the upcoming trip. They are referring to the aircraft flight of course. I answer that the only thing I'm nervous about is getting my luggage checked in and dealing with the "security" people. The majority of which are those that are minimum wage, under-educated and when given a little authority think they rule the world. Twice they have almost made me miss my flights because of their "diligence." [Please don't take offense with my statements. Education is sometimes not an option.] Anyway, flying is old hat for me. I was flight crew in the Navy and flew several times a week. Then traveling to overseas posts, traveling within countries AND taking flying lessons, well it's almost like going out and getting into the car.

How do you feel about it?

Re: Are You Nervous? Scared? - Half_Baked - 11-12-2006

Everytime I get on a plane I start thinking, "How in the he!! does this thing stay in the air???" My anxiety level rises for a bit and then I settle down and read my book.

If it's my time, it's my time ... so there's no reason to worry about it.

Re: Are You Nervous? Scared? - bjcotton - 11-12-2006


Re: Are You Nervous? Scared? - Mare749 - 11-12-2006

I used to get nervous about flying, but now that we have been on a few trips, I'm much better about it and can even fall asleep on a longer flight which is amazing for me (the person who usually can't fall asleep because I might miss something!)

You really get my sympathy about the whole check-in system which sometimes takes an awful long time, and it seems like I'm the one who always has something in my carry-on that's not allowed. I know it's easier if you just check all your luggage, but it's such a pain when they lose it, and so nice to have a change of clothes. How long is your flight?


Re: Are You Nervous? Scared? - foodfiend - 11-12-2006

Actually I haven't been on a plane for 11 years and have no plans to do so in the future.

But nervous and scared about getting my house scrubbed and Thanksgiving dinner all prepared without a hitch-- YES!!!

(I wasn't sure, when reading the post headline, what you were supposedly nervous and scared about!)

Re: Are You Nervous? Scared? - bjcotton - 11-12-2006

About flying. We have a 2 1/2 hour flight from Portland to Los Angeles, a 2 1/2 hour layover and then a 12 hour flight to New Zealand.

I'm with you on the scrubbing the house and all the cooking foodfiend. That makes me nervous.

Re: Are You Nervous? Scared? - vannin - 11-12-2006

Given the safety records of air travel I never have worried about it. I don't have the brains to worry about things like that. Billy could probably put a plane together, but I would stick the wings on the roof. It might be prettier, and easier to park. I want a Smart Car.

Re: Are You Nervous? Scared? - Bizymomma - 11-13-2006 a new traveler to Europe, I unknowingly tried to bring back some sausage....uuuhhhh meat products allowed! THANKS FOR TELLING ME BEFORE I SPENT $10 ON SOME!!! Forget mad-cow...that's all about feeding those customs people!!! I's in their contract! LMAO!

Re: Are You Nervous? Scared? - DFen911 - 11-13-2006

Billy you never used to complain about those full body cavity searches before...

I hate flying. I don't like being confined to my seat, strapped in and limited food and snacks. I so admire those folks that can sit there and read a book or sleep.

Re: Are You Nervous? Scared? - bjcotton - 11-13-2006

It's not the cavity searches that bother me, it's who's doing it...40 miles of mud fence is not what I want my searcher to look like