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Master Cook Software - esgunn - 11-16-2006

A couple of notes and a couple of questions.

Reviews I read said there wasn't much difference from V8 to V9 at least in capabilities. One thing I noticed but I am not sure it is correct - Amazon listed V8 as working with Windows XP/ME/98 and V9 only on Windows XP. A real problem if you are not on XP. Anyone with V9 found it works on anything other than XP?

Question: How do you all organize your cookbooks. Can you seperate out the included cookbooks out into another view - or do you just Label them so your cookbooks come up first? My cookbooks all fall into the middle of list and I would like it if I saw them first. I like having the others to search sometimes - but most of the time I don't use them.

Any other great tips or shortcuts you have run across using the software?

Re: Master Cook Software - cjs - 11-16-2006

Erin, hopefully Billy (or someone equally versed...) will come by and help with the technical side of things.

As far as the cookbook titles go, I also wanted them to show up first when entering the program, so I titled like this

001/Family Favorites
003/Fundraiser Dinners

Anxious to hear of other's ideas. I don't know the differences between 8 and 9, just know 9 is a heck of a lot easier for me to use and manipulate than any of the previous versions.

Re: Master Cook Software - bjcotton - 11-16-2006

My MC9 installation disc says nothing about any particular operating system. As a matter of fact, I have it installed in Windows 95.

I took the the first cookbook that came with MC9 [American Lamb] and renamed it to "X American Lamb" so that it went to the very bottom of the list.

My own cookbooks I labelled as: A Bill's, B Family Favorits, etc. If one of the preinstalled cookbooks fell into that lettering, I just renamed it to get it out of the way. On my laptop I deleted all of the preinstalled cookbooks.

Re: Master Cook Software - coco hernandez - 11-17-2006

I have an IBook (Mac). Will Master Cook work with a Mac?

Re: Master Cook Software - bjcotton - 11-17-2006

You will have to have a version specific to MAC, it will not run the Windows version.

Re: Master Cook Software - HMin - 11-18-2006

Putting one or more *s in front of the cookbook name will also make it fall first alphabetically.

Re: Master Cook Software - HMin - 11-18-2006

Something I have done for years in Mastercook has been to create special categories to use. I have Holiday-Thanksgiving, Holiday-Christmas, etc. In addition to categorizing a recipe as entrée, veggie, dessert or such, I’ll also put it in the category for the holiday(s) where I make it year after year.

When I start planning I simply do a search for the holiday and pull up a list of all the recipes that I usually make each year. I'll make any changes to the menu that I’ve decided on and then scale the recipes to how many I am cooking for this time around. Once I do that it is very easy to create a shopping list for all of the recipes, print it and take it to my pantry where I cross off what I don’t need. From there I’ll update the list and take the revised one to the store.

Re: Master Cook Software - HMin - 11-18-2006

Don't have the yearly indexes of recipes and tired of looking through stacks of magazines to find a recipe you wanted to make? Don't remember if you tried a recipe and whether or not you liked it?

Upon receiving a new issue of one of the 3 cooking magazines I get, I always used to go through and write which recipes I wanted to try and tuck a paper between pages or stick it to the front. Now I enter these into MC as new ‘recipes’ and put the publication, issue and page # of the recipe in the description field (i.e. – CAH-June 06, pg. ___). In addition to standard categories offered in MC, I will mark 2 that I created – Magazines-To Try and CAH(or other)-To Try. When I want to find a recipe I remember, I do a category search by the publication name if I know it, or by magazines if I don’t. When the search results are complete I only have to find the recipe I want and in MC9 when I highlight the recipe name I can see the description category showing which publication and issue I need to take out, and which page to go to for the recipe.

When I make the recipe if I decide I don’t like it, I simply delete the ‘recipe’ from MC. If I like it, I edit the categories from ‘to try’ to ‘favorites’ and add in the notes section any notes I may have of my own.

Yes, it can be a lot of work setting up if you have a lot of magazines, but I have found it to be a timesaver in the long run as I no longer pull out stacks of magazines looking for a specific recipe.

Re: Master Cook Software - bjcotton - 11-19-2006

HMin, that's about the same thing I do. If a recipe interests me I put it in MC [I have some 1700 I'd like to try]. Once I try it I move it to a keepers cookbook if I liked it or delete it if I don't. I use post-its to mark the ones I want.

Re: Master Cook Software - esgunn - 11-19-2006

Great Tips! Thanks.