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Holiday Cookies Book - mcd1982 - 11-21-2006

Anyone receive theirs yet? I was charged on 11/10 but still haven't gotten my copy.

Re: Holiday Cookies Book - cjs - 11-21-2006

I didn't order one - for once I played it smart - three reasons -

1. I dislike (immensely ) baking/pastry!
2. I have cookie recipes coming out the kazoo...
3. (most important one... ) I know you all will post your favorites.....

Re: Holiday Cookies Book - Roxanne 21 - 11-21-2006

WHAAAAAA!!!! I ordered mine in October---who knows when I will receive!! Hang in there--it's coming!

My issue will arrive AFTER the holidays---I'll be ready for next year--

Re: Holiday Cookies Book - mcd1982 - 11-21-2006

Yeah, I ordered mine the day the e-mail went out about it. They charged my card the 10th of Nov, and 11 days later...still no cookies. Bummer.

Re: Holiday Cookies Book - Lorraine - 11-21-2006

I bought mine at the grocery store. After reading Jean's post, not sure why I did. I don't like baking, and I won't be home for the holidays.

Re: Holiday Cookies Book - Roxanne 21 - 11-21-2006

HOPEFULLY it will be worth the wait!! From past experience, it has been.

Don't know if I have WELCOMED you yet--but WELCOME!!!

OH and BTW---hope you post your opinion on any recipe you do try----I LOVE baking, pastries etc. SORRY, Jean!

Still waiting for December issue and the SPLENDID SOUPS!! Those recipes have already been made and reviewed---WHAAAAAA!!!

Re: Holiday Cookies Book - Roxanne 21 - 11-21-2006

I don't understand why yáll don't like baking??? You are professionals---maybe the main meat/potato/veggie kinda thing does it for you??

My feeling is that baking is a little more precise--one cannot really play too much with the ingredients. LOVE MY DESSERTS!!!! (in moderation, that is)

Cooking up a great entree is my favorite though--especially something I haven't tried before--getting tons of experience with that with you guys!!!

Re: Holiday Cookies Book - mcd1982 - 11-21-2006

Thanks for the welcome. I received Splendid Soups a while back, I've only made the Baked Potato Soup, but I loved it. The only thing is, mine turned out much darker than theirs.

I think I received my December issue, but I really can't remember. I'll be cooking my first Thanksgiving out of the October issue, so I'm pretty excited!

Re: Holiday Cookies Book - bjcotton - 11-21-2006

Don't feel lonesome, I ordered mine on October 23. I emailed them and they said "Checks in the mail," we all know what that means .

Re: Holiday Cookies Book - Roxanne 21 - 11-21-2006

Your FIRST Thanksgiving---you will have TONS of memories there!!! What are you doing from the October issue?? I have that one---FINALLY!!!

Sounds as though you are pretty relaxed with this scene--good on ya!!!