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Are you getting lazy? - bjcotton - 11-21-2006

I was out grocery shopping the other day and while browsing in the produce area I saw these bowls with about 4 cups of diced celery and onion for "your dressing." Now that, IMO, is about the height of laziness. If you're going to do that, why not let them cook the turkey, etc., and just pick it up Thanksgiving day? I think it was only $39 for a 12 pound turkey, dressing, mashed and gravy.

I was just talking to a friend that had been invited to someone's house for dinner. She asked if any help was needed and was told, "No it's handled. Just relax and enjoy your day." She told me if she was going to relax and enjoy the day then she would be cooking. That's the way I feel. If I can't help, just tell me what time it's going to be done and I'll be there. It's torture to just sit and watch.

Re: Are you getting lazy? - lxxf - 11-21-2006

I saw that too. They had about 4 stalks of celery and one onion chopped up and they wanted $4.oo for it! I guess when it gets to the point that I'm dangerous with a knife, I'll go that way, but with a food processor you can do that and a whole lot more in less than 5 minutes.

Re: Are you getting lazy? - vannin - 11-21-2006

LOL GIGGLE and CHORTLE. "When Billy Comes" he will be Master of the kitchen. Liz and I will do Your bidding Billy, (well, maybe not Liz). The bowl you need will be washed and to hand as you are turning. And your daily shopping list will be supplied before breakfast. Unless you want to examine the produce before.

Re: Are you getting lazy? - Lorraine - 11-21-2006

"If you're going to do that, why not let them cook the turkey, etc., and just pick it up Thanksgiving day?"

Billy, good friends of mine in Winnipeg always ordered their turkey dinners from the westin hotel. And actually, they were darn good!!!!Not surprisingly, noone was tired when we sat down to eat. It was kind of a nice change.

As for the cut up celery and onions, it's still better using that than Stove Top stuffing that some of this house likes.

But, I agree with you!

Re: Are you getting lazy? - bjcotton - 11-22-2006

After ridiculing people for getting that "already prepared" stuff for their dressing, I asked my sis to pick me up two this morning. Some of you may remember when the nerve in my right arm/hand was giving me trouble...well, it is again. The "cut-up" veggies will spare me a lot of pain. So, I have to apologize for all the ridicule of people using one point, some people just can't do the cutting themselves.

Re: Are you getting lazy? - Calliope - 11-22-2006

I use the freshly cut vegetables ALL the time. Love them. I get the mixed veggies for gumbo nearly every time I make it. It's a great time saver and I have a weak arthritic right hand which sometimes bothers me a lot. We have a company here is LA, which does a super job on these veggies. The mix has onion, green onion, bell pepper, parsley, garlic and celery. I made 24 quarts of smoked turkey and andouille gumbo over the weekend and used 4 large containers of the veggies. What a great time saver, especially since I had lots of turkey meat and sausage to deal with in addition to roux stirring!

I use them in cornbread dressing every year.

Fresh, no preservatives and such a good thing for those of us who have hand problems, but I used them long before I had hand problems. I haven't resorted to the frozen chopped veggies yet, though, but I can never say never.

Re: Are you getting lazy? - Roxanne 21 - 11-22-2006

There is something VERY necessary for me to chop my own veggies---lots of aggression is lost in the process--and it's always a test for me to get those chops even cut---still have to master the onion bit though-- I s'pose if I had a hand problem and the availability of the product, I would would be tempted.

Re: Are you getting lazy? - cjs - 11-22-2006

I can certainly sympathize with those who must use pre-cut veggies and I'm sure glad they are available to them. But, for me the only way to keep my knife skills up is to cut anything I can - we'll see in a few years how much longer I can do this.

Re: Are you getting lazy? - Calliope - 11-22-2006

I get my aggression out by chopping plenty of other things. 8 lbs of andouille and a 13 lb turkey will do the trick and did over the weekend, along with cutting and scraping 18 ears of corn. After that, I had to take drugs. Wouldn't wish that on anyone! I could hardly hold a glass in my hand, much less be trusted with a knife. I didn't miss not cutting the veggies! I really hate chopping onions and bell pepper, to be honest. Never have enjoyed that, but I love cutting celery and green onions. I never used a food processor and don't see the difference in that and buying the pre-chopped, with the exception of cost.

Re: Are you getting lazy? - Roxanne 21 - 11-22-2006

Interesting!!! I have never thought about the processor for chopping veggies---boy, that would save a ton of time and wrist action for huge projects!!

I would have done more than drugs, Calliope!!! Question---was it worth it?? I JUST BET it was!!!!