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resting meat - Val - 11-22-2006

I am looking at the recipe for roasted New York Strip in December's issue of Cuisine At Home. It indicates that you should let the meat rest for 30 to 60 minutes - but doesn't the meat get cold after resting?

Re: resting meat - Lorraine - 11-22-2006

Welcome, Val! I usually loosely tent the meat with foil, but, 30 - 60 minutes seems long to me.

Re: resting meat - Old Bay - 11-22-2006

I think five minutes is long enough.

Re: resting meat - bjcotton - 11-22-2006

Welcome Val. Yes that is way, way too long. Must be a misprint. I usually let it rest while I'm finishing up other things 5-10 minutes.

Re: resting meat - cjs - 11-22-2006

Val, the directions say 30 min, not 30-60 minutes and they do give their reasons - I would tent it near residual heat and let it rest 30 minutes. The juices will then be 'sucked' back up.

Re: resting meat - Roxanne 21 - 11-22-2006

WELCOME, Val!!! I agree that 30-60 is way too long---no more than 15 minutes here---gives the meat enough time to have the juices redistribute and keeps the meat moist and more tender to the bite. Every other item can be finished up and plated in that time! Hope your meal comes out well---still waiting for my December issue---WHAAAA!!!!