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Next dinner party??? - Roxanne 21 - 11-27-2006

Wondering if anyone would like to do another before the Christmas rush begins? Suggestions from one of the newbies, maybe??? NO PRESSURE (or anything!!!)

Re: Next dinner party??? - cjs - 11-27-2006

Yes, someone pick something....Madmax, c'mon out for a minute and suggest your dish you want to do....then you can go back to lurking

Re: Next dinner party??? - Mare749 - 11-27-2006

Yes, I would love to, but don't want to pick something until I get my first magazine. So, I agree with Jean, let Madmax pick and I'll participate.

BTW, how is everyone liking their soup book? Was thinking of ordering it.


Re: Next dinner party??? - cjs - 11-27-2006

Order it quick - it's just wonderful!! Everyone tried so far has been a repeat!!

Re: Next dinner party??? - farnfam - 11-27-2006

My birthday might be the next one, it's December 23. I wondered if that was too close to the holidays?? I was thinking of the Duck recipe in a back C@H issue. I've been wanting to try Duck for a long time. If it's too inconvenient of a date I'll have my birthday dinner party whenever you all think it works. I'm not planning on admitting to getting any older anyway!

Re: Next dinner party??? - bjcotton - 11-27-2006

I haven't made any of the soups yet, I'm taking it to NZ with me so Dale and I can make some. Got a copy for my lil sis and they are planning on making one or more this weekend. They are a soup family.

Being as I am leaving in 7 days, I'll forego this one unless Dale and I decide to participate when I get there.

Re: Next dinner party??? - cjs - 11-27-2006

Oh Cis, I forgot to look at the list...(hanging head ) - by all means you choose this dinner, then we'll have plenty of time before any conflicts!!

Yes, yes Birthday Girl's dinner coming up - what are we having???

O.K., back to the drawing board...Billy's B'day is the 9th (? is that right Billy?) What do you want to do? You can't cook in the plane....

Re: Next dinner party??? - farnfam - 11-27-2006

Okay, so Billy is next COOL! How about it Billy, would you and Dale like colaborate on your birthday dinner? Let us know sweeties, it sure seem like it'd be fun

Re: Next dinner party??? - bjcotton - 11-27-2006

Something simple but elegant. I'll have to look at the recipes. I was going to suggest the Parmesan Chicken Roulades again, but maybe something new. Let me browse a while.

Re: Next dinner party??? - madmax - 11-27-2006

Has the "Asain pork tenderloin" with "Spicy asian slaw" dinner from the Dec.issue been done yet??? I'm doing these this weekend, with the "St.Louis toasted ravioli" as an appy. , oops dinner is suppose to be the a later date but but we will give reviews after the dinner date