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Feral Hog Fresh Ham - Old Bay - 11-30-2006

Got this from a friend--never done one before- how about brining in salt/sugar/molasses solution and baking the next day over low heat? Any other ideas?

Re: Feral Hog Fresh Ham - vannin - 11-30-2006

Golly Old Bay, there's a challenge. I don't really care for the 'real stuff', so would be inclined to go for the leaching marinades. It is horrid to collect a bush dweller who staggers out of the undergrowth with a Captn. Cooker on their back. They are disgusting and so are the pig(s). I regret to say I am a woose when it comes to game.

Re: Feral Hog Fresh Ham - Lorraine - 11-30-2006

Where is Jean when we need her? She used to raise pigs. The brine sounds great, wish I was closer!

Re: Feral Hog Fresh Ham - cjs - 12-01-2006

I'm here, but afraid not much help - a friend got a wild pig years ago, but I don't remember what he and we did with the different parts. I know none was smoked, unless some for sausage...the meat was very good!

But, the brining sounds like a good way to go. Hope you'll let us know how it all goes.

Re: Feral Hog Fresh Ham - bjcotton - 12-01-2006

I went back to another website to find a friends ideas when he got a Feral Hog, but they deleted a bunch of old posts and that was one of them. Sorry

Re: Feral Hog Fresh Ham - Old Bay - 12-01-2006

Thanks for trying--I think I'm going to brine.