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What's This ...uh..uh, Stuff - bjcotton - 12-01-2006

I was just sitting out on my front porch in balmy 44°F/6.67°C weather and noticed a couple of robins. They're not due for several months AND, there are geese flying over headed North. What's with this? Is spring headed this way already? Dale said it was rainy there, are they headed for an early autumn/winter? These birds are supposed to know what they're doing...right?

Re: What's This ...uh..uh, Stuff - vannin - 12-01-2006

I remember reading about the magnetic north moving a little. Wonder if that has anything to do with it? Lovely day today Billy. Clear and mild. No rain.

Re: What's This ...uh..uh, Stuff - Half_Baked - 12-01-2006

Hmmm, strange acting birds, BJ. Wonder what they spiked the corn with, down south? They might be a little tipsy.

Re: What's This ...uh..uh, Stuff - DFen911 - 12-01-2006

They probably got into the jello shooters. I have got to stop leaving them out like that.

Re: What's This ...uh..uh, Stuff - pjcooks - 12-01-2006

Too funny, Denise!

Think I'll try some of those this weekend.