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Cuisine Members Plus - Mare749 - 12-01-2006

I gave this a second look and decided it looks like a pretty good deal after all. If I read it right, we would have access to all the previous C@H recipes? Anybody else going to get this?


Re: Cuisine Members Plus - bjcotton - 12-01-2006

I signed up for their beta testing and if/when they come online and charge a fee, I will pay it to keep access.

Re: Cuisine Members Plus - Roxanne 21 - 12-02-2006

Some of us were not fortunate enough to be part of the testing BUT it certainly something I will join in on if and when they come on board---it was supposed to be up and running in September--wonder what the delay is???

Re: Cuisine Members Plus - cjs - 12-02-2006

I too wish they would get off their collective butts and finish this project - it's not fair that some of us signed up quickly enuf to be a part of the site and other's were not included!!!

Bah, Humbug!!

Re: Cuisine Members Plus - Lila - 01-03-2007

Same here. I REALLY want this... and it was honestly one of the things that lured me enough to subscribe.

Wish they'd either post an honest update or get it rolled out.

Re: Cuisine Members Plus - Roxanne 21 - 01-03-2007

Lila---WELCOME to our family----I have been a poster on this forum for a couple of years plus---still don't understand what the members plus thing is all about---I agree---wish they would get their act together---SEPTEMBER??? Yeah---right---

Re: Cuisine Members Plus - cjs - 01-03-2007

Welcome Lila, I hope until things get straightened out, you'll join in on this forum- it's a lot of fun and some great new friends are awaiting you!!

Come on in, the water's fine.

Re: Cuisine Members Plus - bjcotton - 01-03-2007

If anyone knows of a recipe that was published in the past and need a copy, some of us were fortunate enough to get in on the beta testing and can get it for you. I'm going to send the publisher an email and ask him what the heck happened. I'll let you know the results.

Re: Cuisine Members Plus - cjs - 01-03-2007

that's what I just said Billy J...

Re: Cuisine Members Plus - bjcotton - 01-03-2007

It was?