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Tortilla Soup - Bizymomma - 12-02-2006

Hello friends! I fixed the Tortilla Soup last night! It was pretty darn tasty! I fixed the Citris Chipotle Shrimp and the Salsa Verde as well. I love the tangy zing that salsa gave to the soup. I'm wondering what else I could use that for!! mmmm

I burned my tongue trying to eat it! LOL
I will fix again!

Re: Tortilla Soup - Roxanne 21 - 12-02-2006

Was that from Splendid Soups or C@H??? Patiently waiting for my Soups issue-----

Re: Tortilla Soup - Bizymomma - 12-02-2006

Roxanne, it was from the splendid soups. It's the first thing I've fixed from the book!

Re: Tortilla Soup - davidwb - 12-03-2006

I've done the Red Chili, Chicken Noodle, Beef Barley, Chedder Biscuits, and the little corn fry-ups (whatever they were called) that went with the Red Chili.

The chili was good! The second time I made it I thought we had some bulk Italian sausage in the fridge, but no. Too lazy to rush out to the store, I pulled out a pack of chorizo I had in the freezer and quickly defrosted it. Yumm! First time we had it I just made the little corn cakes. This time I also made a little dip for the cakes made from refried beans and cheddar cheese. That fancied them up so much that my wife insisted I made the dip and corn cakes as an appetizer.

The beef barley soup was good too, but it wasn't good enough to make again - just too much time, too many steps, and too many dishes for the pay-off. Maybe for someone who is a huge fan of beef barley soup.

We're doing the black bean soup tonight and roasted tomato later this week. Now I'm off to order the cookies book too late for Christmas baking. I leafed through it last night at my mother-in-law's and it looks really good!

Re: Tortilla Soup - Roxanne 21 - 12-04-2006

Great reviews, David. Keep 'em coming. I am making notes for when my book FINALLY arrives!!!

Re: Tortilla Soup - cjs - 12-04-2006

I think that was the first one I made from that book and we loved it!!

Re: Tortilla Soup - carolekv - 12-04-2006

I've made the turkey tortilla soup, which I think is a bit different, but also delicious. It's in one of the annual editions - can't remember which, but will dig it up and post. My family literally devours it. Oh, and I'm making it tonight - almost forgot!

Re: Tortilla Soup - esgunn - 12-04-2006

Angela, Did you use the poblano's, the full amount and did you char and peel them? We like things spicy - but I would shy away from this just for that reason - I have never used poblanos and I have never chared a pepper.

Has anyone tried the Mulligatawny? I really want to try that one. The only one I have made so far is the baked potato. We really liked it. Top of the list is:
Lasagna Soup
Chicken Pot Pie
Tortilla Soup

Re: Tortilla Soup - cjs - 12-05-2006

Erin, I hope you'll try working with the Poblanos - they are a very mild pepper and charring them gives such a wonderful smokey flavor. I don't peel mine after charring, I just run under running water and wash some of the blackened skin off - leaving the skin on just adds the flavor. Then they are ready to clean, seed and dice up for the soup.

Re: Tortilla Soup - Lorraine - 12-05-2006

"Patiently waiting for my Soups issue----- "

I ordered one for a friend in the States October 3rd, and he finally got it last week. Yikes.