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Freezing Cheese - Val - 12-03-2006

I just realized that I now have about twice as much parmesan cheese as I can use in the next week. I would like to freeze some of it rather than see it mold up. Is this possible? Will this actually work and leave me with an edible cheese?



Re: Freezing Cheese - farnfam - 12-03-2006

They were just discussing this a few threads ago. I think the gist was grate it first then freeze it. FoodSaver of ziplock bag and it will be fine. Shredded or grated cheeses seem to freeze well, but if frozen whole it just gets crumbly, tho it is still fine to use. Hope that helps

Re: Freezing Cheese - Mare749 - 12-03-2006

Welcome Val, please join us often. I'm the one who posted the question about freezing parmesan cheese. When I took it out it crumbled instead of grating nice and fine. Good advice was given regarding the proper way to freeze this cheese. I'm going to try that next time myself.


Re: Freezing Cheese - pjcooks - 12-03-2006

Welcome, Val!

I vac seal my Parm and store in the fridge, if I don't have an immediate use for it.

Enjoy the board!


Re: Freezing Cheese - esgunn - 12-04-2006

I always buy large pieces/quantities of cheese. Most of the time you don't even need to freeze. I cut off in manageable sized pieces and food saver the unused piece or pieces and they keey really well, for a long time. Have not tried as much with softer cheese, but I think you can get pretty close to the original use by date when put in a food saver - rather than once opened it doesn't last nearly as long.

Re: Freezing Cheese - vannin - 12-04-2006

We used to buy 10kg blocks for the rest home. And freeze half. The frozen half was always crumbly. Not that it mattered, we used it every way we could, like eggs and bananas, anything to get the potassium/protein in. They loved mushrooms and bacon on toast, and were really good about having 1/2 avocado each every day. In various ways of course. Sorry, I wandered.