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Chicken Pomodoro - farnfam - 12-06-2006

Looking for a chicken breast recipe, we just sort of found this one in the "Intro" issue. Excellent!
It's good to go back to the early issues, even if we think we've got them cover to cover looked over. Here was a little hidden treasure, either I missed it or forgot about it LOL

Re: Chicken Pomodoro - Lorraine - 12-06-2006

"It's good to go back to the early issues"

I don't have any of them. But, I'm glad to hear you found a good one! Any chance of the recipe?

Re: Chicken Pomodoro - Roxanne 21 - 12-06-2006

I remember that from a VERY LONG AGO issue---it was good!!

Re: Chicken Pomodoro - esgunn - 12-06-2006

It was great! We really like it. I don't usually have vodka in the house so I use white wine. Works just fine.