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Standing Rib Roast - wheatleyp1 - 12-15-2006

I am cooking a Standing Rib Roast/Prime Rib for Christmas this year. I tried a small one last year but I am going for the gusto this year with an 8lb. rib roast. I spoke with the butcher yesterday to order it. I want to pick it up on Christmas Eve so I don't have to freeze it. I spoke to him about trimming the bones, they called it a french cut. He recommended cutting the rib off and then tying it back on the roast so I can roast it with the rib and remove it for easier slicing of the beef. He said the rib is great to put away and save for yourself to eat later. :>) I am using a recipe from Emeril's Food Show which sounds wonderful. The recipe call for De-Fatting the pan juices from cooking the roast. There is an au jus option and it states to De-Grease the au jus. What is De-fatting and De-Greasing and how is it done? Thanks for your help.

Re: Standing Rib Roast - Roxanne 21 - 12-16-2006

I'm jealous ---not only do you have great rib roasts there but also a BUTCHER that knows what he is doing!!! The technique of tying the ribs back on is a great one---I discovered this in my first issue of Cooks Illustrated MANY years ago and when I have the patience to go through the exercise of teaching the butcher here how to do it, it is well worth it.

Now---defatting and degreasing, I think are one and the same but stand to be corrected. At the end of the roasting process you will have all kinds of yummy juices and stuff at the bottom of the pan--to degrease I have a little cup type thingie (called a de-fatter) that looks like a watering can. The fat floats to the top and you can just pour it off leaving all the good stuff behind. You could probably purchase one in any kitchenware vendor--don't know. I ordered mine through the Chef's Catalogue years ago and it has paid for itself many times over.

Another option is more time consuming but you could pour all of the stuff into a little bowl and place in the fridge for bit--the fat will solidify on the top and you can scrape off--it will achieve the same result but again, delay in the au jus production.

I'm certain there are other ways to do this---someone more experienced around the kitchen will come along with a more efficient way!!

I'm not computer savvy but I will see if I can post an image of the defatter for you---

Re: Standing Rib Roast - Roxanne 21 - 12-17-2006

As I mentioned---I'm NOT computer conversant BUT if you log on to the above address and type in fat separator in the search box you will see what this is all about---I haven't searched other sites for comparison pricing but I did not spend that much by any stretch!!

Oh My---I don't know how I did that but there she is!!!

Re: Standing Rib Roast - pjcooks - 12-17-2006

I have this and love it for 3 reasons: it's pyrex, it holds 4 cups and it has a strainer. Worth every penney, in my opinion!


Re: Standing Rib Roast - wheatleyp1 - 12-20-2006

Roxanne thanks for the help. Glad to know the butcher is right on target. I found the tool for the defatter. Looking forward to making this roast, however I did not get the clan to give up on the turkey so we will be having roasted turkey as well.

Re: Standing Rib Roast - wheatleyp1 - 12-20-2006

Thanks for the link

Re: Standing Rib Roast - lxxf - 12-20-2006

I just ordered mine today. I'm doing a standing rib about 9-10 lbs. and my friend is going to do some wierd salmon thing, I can't remember the name of it, something fancy French, which calls for a sturgon spinal cord (she says she's going to substitute cellophane noodles) and is baked in puff pastry. So we'll have a variation of surf n' turf.