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Pear/Ginger Chutney - Yum! - Mare749 - 12-17-2006

Made this today because I won't be home all day tomorrow and wanted to get a jump start on dinner for my hubbie and dad. Making the Pan Seared Duck Breast! Is anybody else?

Had trouble finding duck breast, but finally located at Cleveland's West Side Market. Very fun place to visit if you are ever in town. My poultry guy told me he had whole ducks and a few duck breasts in the cooler. They will be getting in fresh this week. I was glad to hear this, just in case we love it. The chutney is really tasty!


Re: Pear/Ginger Chutney - Yum! - pjcooks - 12-17-2006

After trying to find duck breasts (finally did in the 6th store I went to) I was a a little taken aback at the price. Almost $30 for 2 breast halves-uum, adding this to my grocery budget on top of the $40 rib roast for Christmas Day, well, maybe New Years Day dinner?

Sounds so good, it will be fun to read everyone's reviews. On the bright side, I can see what you all tweaked so mine is perfect!!!! (and I have a bridge for sale.....)


Re: Pear/Ginger Chutney - Yum! - Mare749 - 12-17-2006

PJ, yes, I was a little surprised at the price of duck breast and it wasn't even as high here. ($7.49 a lb.) and $2.49 a lb. for whole duck. It was a little hard to find and considered a seasonal item in our grocery stores. I don't know why when you can buy them already cooked in our Chinatown food markets year round. But, at least I know where I can buy it now.

Re: Pear/Ginger Chutney - Yum! - farnfam - 12-17-2006

We did our duck yesterday, and I can hardly wait to tell you about it but I'll be good.
I'll just say that I agree with Mare, that chutney was super!!
I got a whole frozen duck for about $9 at Price Chopper, not bad for price really I guess. Today, I did the legs and thighs in the Thai Duck Soup recipe from the same issue. It was good, hubby loved it. If I make it again I'm going to change the spices around a bit.
Duck reviews due Dec 18 See ya then!

Re: Pear/Ginger Chutney - Yum! - pjcooks - 12-18-2006

If I could have gotten a whole duck for $9 I would have grabbed 2! Around here, the prices for all the good stuff skyrocket on holidays, even then, they sell out. The cheapest whole duck I found was about $20, realized I was too busy to deal with that. (I still have 3 shirts to make for my boys, a dress for my sister, as well as assorted bags and aprons, and let's not forget the 24 dozen Christmas cookies), how did Christmas come so fast????


Re: Pear/Ginger Chutney - Yum! - cjs - 12-18-2006

"Almost $30 for 2 breast halves" - Good Lord, out here a pkg. of two whole duck breasts were only ~$13.00 a pkg.!!!! I bot the four pkgs. they had in stock!

Re: Pear/Ginger Chutney - Yum! - Roxanne 21 - 12-18-2006


Re: Pear/Ginger Chutney - Yum! - cjs - 12-18-2006