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Gee, It's Good... - cjs - 12-18-2006 be back with ya'all!! I've really missed you. My only problem this a.m. is my host went to bed without making the d--- coffee!!!! And they use coffee beans, so no way in h--- am I going to grind coffee beans at 4:30 in the morning and bring the house up standing!!!

But...I'll suffer and just enjoy my little computer till everyone else decides to join me in a new day! Oh forgot to mention in another post - Lilliput (honest to God, that's the name of the town ) has some great little shops and did some really fun shopping yesterday!

Re: Gee, It's Good... - Half_Baked - 12-18-2006

After Sharon posting about her guest that tried to make the coffee with the super duper bean grinder maker, I'd be skeered too.

Re: Gee, It's Good... - Lorraine - 12-18-2006

Good to have you back! I know what you mean about the coffee beans, I've been the first one up with a house full of guests. So, what did you buy in Lilliput???

Way off topic, I found some of the Crema Di Balsamico that Billy mentioned in a blog. Seems thicker than the Blaze I sent you once.

Re: Gee, It's Good... - cjs - 12-18-2006

"Crema Di Balsamico " - didn't that sound so good??? (Lilliput didn't have it... ) You found some? I'll have to look in the big cities next trip thru.

I bot some food type goodies that are in the car - will post about them when we get home. I found a great picture of fishermen (5 or 6) laying across a beam lowering a sail on a ***** in a storm. It's just gorgeous and frightening - perfect for where we live now.

Also bot a beautiful map (it's huge - about 30" X 4') that shows all of the Straits of Juan de Fuca and the cutest crab nightlamp (it's too big to call it a nightlite...) for the bathroom. So Roy Rogers has some frames to make soon!!

Some Christmas tree decorations - so much for scaling our lives down. Can't remember what else, oh and a couple of elf Chefs for the kitchen....just nothing I needed at all, but...

Re: Gee, It's Good... - Roxanne 21 - 12-18-2006

Glad to have you home again, Jean---PHEW!!!! what cute little gifts you purchased---the nonsensical ones are always the greatest because they have such nice memories attached!!! Where is Lilliput??

We do the coffee bean thing here---our Saeco machine does a one cup at a time deal--regular size, half size or espresso--capuccino anyone?? Doesn't disturb the guests--just noisy if one is in the general vicinity. Love my morning cuppa!!

Re: Gee, It's Good... - DFen911 - 12-18-2006

Lol I wouldn't care what time it was. The nectar of the gods will flow thru my veins the minute I wake up or it'll be miserable for the rest of the day for everyone Hahahaha!!

When I go to friends or family I usually take a bag of my beans pre-ground and my small french press (makes 1 cup). This way all I need to do is heat a cup of water add it to press with coffee and wait to have that delicious nectar

Re: Gee, It's Good... - cjs - 12-18-2006

Those poor people, they felt so bad cause they know how I am about coffee in the a.m. and on top of that getting up 3-4 hours before they do.... whew! (I'll know to be prepared next visit)

I did pick up some fun jars of goodies to try -
Apricot-Jalapeno Pepper jelly - this was put in the jar in a clever way - one side apricot color " / " other green jalapeno color.

Feta & Pink Peppercorn Bread Dip (or put on pasta)

Huckleberry Habanero Pepper Jelly

Lemon/Pepper Campenella

Well, there goes the old woman's Social Security check....

Re: Gee, It's Good... - cjs - 10-08-2014

Anon looking at this one,

Check out the thread about Denise's dastardly deed with Gert and see the pix of Bob watching the ships. In the background is the ***** fishermen pix I mentioned early in this thread. I just love it!