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Coffee - wheatleyp1 - 12-20-2006

I am looking for some recommendations for brands of coffee. I am not a coffee drinker but will drink it on occassion. I am an avid tea drinker. My husband likes coffee but hates Starbucks, he says it taste like it is burnt. I have tried Folgers, not bad, Brothers 100% Columbian, 8 O'Clock, Millstone and a Kona Coffee I bought in Hawaii which was pretty good. None of these really had bowled me over. Some of them are too bitter and some way too strong. For Thanksgiving I mixed three of them together don't remember which and added a couple of Tablespoons of Brothers Hazelnut flavored coffee and it was pretty decent. However I am looking for a tried and true good coffee to use always. I like to have a pot brewing after Christmas dinner to go with the desserts. I also have mulled cider going as a hot alternative. Any suggestions?

Re: Coffee - Harborwitch - 12-20-2006

If you have a coffee roaster in town find them! A good roaster will have a variety of roasts (unlike Starbucks). A medium roast Guatemalan or Papua New Guinea might hit your taste buds just right. Do you grind or buy ground??? If it's the latter, buy beans - and the best burr grinder you can afford comfortably (they crush the bean not beat it to death like the blade grinders. Now you're drinking coffee.

I haven't purchased coffee in a grocery store in so long I wouldn't know what kind to get (in a previous life we drank MJB) anymore. If the time wasn't so close I'd suggest - they roast and sell coffee on line. It's fun to read the descriptions of what they're roasting. (of course I must caution you - that got us really excited about coffee - now we buy green beans and roast our own - whoooeeeee what a difference!!!!)

Re: Coffee - farnfam - 12-20-2006

Hi Wheatley,
We get our beans from here:
We think its very tasty and reasonalby priced, besides it's a good cause.

Re: Coffee - lxxf - 12-21-2006

If you like a dark roast, try I used to buy it in 5 lb bags and grind it as I use it.

Re: Coffee - coco hernandez - 12-21-2006

This might sound very low brow, but I buy my coffee beans at Trader Joe's. I like French Roast, which is very strong, but they have many choices, and are reasonably priced.

Re: Coffee - Mare749 - 12-21-2006

As Coco mentioned, I have purchased coffee beans from TJ's also. Lately, we have been enjoying Marques De Paiva brand from Sam's Club. We buy the medium roast. My brother buys his beans from a specialty store and was very impressed with the quality of my coffee. We can't even drink pre-ground grocery store brands anymore and even took the grinder and beans on vacation with us.

I thought the post by Harborwitch was very interesting and checked out the website. Really got me interested in home roasting, which I may be trying next. Happy Holidays.


Re: Coffee - DFen911 - 12-21-2006

We mainly go to a local roaster because we can try them first and see if we like them. Also keep in mind that coffee will taste differently based on a couple of factors.
Device Used - drip system, french press, percolator etc. Some coffees work better in certain devices. Also the grind of the beans is important. If you're buying them ground be sure to get the right grind for your device. Your local roaster can help you with that.

There is a site called where we get our imported coffees from Italy and France.

I love coffee. I do agree that the Starbucks taste leaves an after flavor. See if there is a Dietrich's coffee in your area. They're pretty good.

Re: Coffee - wheatleyp1 - 12-21-2006

Wow! I never knew there was so much to coffee. This is very interesting stuff and I have visited several of the links already. To answer the question about whether I grind or buy ground. I was buying the beans in the grocery store and using the grinding machine they provide. After the holidays I will investigate the coffee world and perhaps spend my gift checks on getting myself set up to brew a fine cup of coffee for my husband and my guests. Who knows perhaps I will begin to drink it myself. Thanks to all for the tips and suggestions. I learned a lot. I had never heard of coffee roasters so I am looking for the ones in Atlanta now.

Not sure I will be back on before Christmas because the rush is on so Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa to all...if you don't celebrate either then have a great weekend! Bye for now.