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What Did Santa Bring You? - bjcotton - 12-27-2006

I was most fortunate this year, not only for the presents I received, but for the upswing in my sister's health.

While I was at Dale and Shane's in New Zealand we were looking through Larousse Gastronomique and I commented that I had been meaning to get a copy. The next morning there under the tree was that book, just for me. Along with it was a book Just Cooking Thanks, by Noel Holmes a noted columnist. The book is "Being A Dissertation on New Zealand Seafoods." Along with it was another cookbook, "Edmonds CLASSICS New Zealanders' Favourite Recipes". The comment was made that "every New Zealander" has a copy. We had a delicious dessert at a local airport and asked for the recipe, the waitress commented that it's "probably in Edmonds!" I also got a cheese knife, a beautiful paua [abolone] shell. As I was finishing packing Shane asked if there was anything else I would like to have and I joked, "Well, maybe that 10" Le Creuset cast iron skillet." They both insisted that I take it home with me since they never used luggage was 26 pounds over it home though. When I got here, I received a bottle of Fenugreek and Smoked Spanish Paprika and a $50 Penzey's Spices gift certificate; a set 2 of santoku knives; 2 high heat spatulas and a bottle of Tuscan Slow Cooking Sauce from Williams-Sonoma...yummy stuff. As wonderful and thoughtful as those gifts were, Fredia's health rallying tops it up!

What "stuff" did you get?

Re: What Did Santa Bring You? - pjcooks - 12-27-2006

Oh yes, Billy, your best gift was Fredia's improvement. That being said, you must have been a very good boy this year. That's a lot of nice stuff!

I didn't get anything cooking or sewing related this year but then again, I didn't ask for anything specific like I usually do. I did get a beautiful diamond Circle of Life necklace, with matching earrings, a case of one of my fav chards, a book on American wine history, some gift cards to shop later, but best of all was having my kids for breakfast (grilled filet, yes it's that warm here in NH, didn't even need to put on a coat!) with Dollops white choc muffins, my Portuguese bread and eggs. Supper was wonderful, Prime Rib with a really good sauce (more about that later), roasted spiced butternut, baby peas and fresh bread. And crabcakes with a zingy buttercup honey mustard sauce.

Turned out to be a peaceful day after all.

Glad yours was great! Nice having you back...


Re: What Did Santa Bring You? - Lyndee - 12-27-2006

Wow Billy!! You got Larousse from Dale and Shane? That is wonderful, it is a classic to have on your bookshelf. The Edmonds book sure is in most NZ homes, just good 'ole down home recipes, nothing ' flash' ( meaning fancy). lolol You can rely on all of the recipes, they are tried and true over many many years. Forget when that book was first published, 1930's I believe, Dale may know. One problem tho', they keep adding new recipes and omitting some of the old and I need the Caramel Meringue Shortcake recipe, and the Pineapple Meringue one too.

Re: What Did Santa Bring You? - Mare749 - 12-27-2006

Billy, I would say you had a pretty great Christmas, your sister's improvement being the best gift of all. You sure got some fun new toys though! Cookbooks are always a great gift and you're really going to love those heat resistant spatulas.(use mine every day) And the LeCreuset skillet, well, who wouldn't love that!

This was a great Christmas for us this year. My grandbaby, Alyssa (18 months old) was home for the holidays this year and is doing well. (She spent almost 8 months in the hospital last year) So we had a great time toy shopping this year.

Santa brought me the Salter Food scale I asked for, a beautiful framed family portrait of our two daughters, husbands and babies, a gift certificate for the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, a case of wine from my brother in Florida, and some gift cards from my in-laws that will come in handy when we go to Canada. My MIL made dinner for the whole family and it was wonderful. No one on the planet does it better!


Re: What Did Santa Bring You? - cjs - 12-28-2006

Well, I'm a little slow on the uptake here - first of all I got the neatest Oster Saca Orchos Electrico...sorry, looking at the wrong side of the box - It's an electric wine opener, now I can open wine wayyyyy into my 90s!! Thank you Billy!!

And, his present is still on the drainboard to take to the P.O. because procrastinator that I am, I thot I had all the time in the world to get it to him before he got home and I wouldn't need to fight the crowds at the P.O.....sigh, forgive me Billy, but this way it will string Christmas out for a while.

As usual, we all went overboard - just lots of everything. The books I recieved are Nigella Lawson's Feast and from a great friend, The Auberege of the Flowering Hearth, by Roy Andries de Groot. I'll be busy a while!

Speaking of procrastinating, I had all these ideas of foods I was going to make this year now that I'm retired....geez, where did the time go. I was more organized when I was working full time! Another big sigh, maybe next year!

"My life as a procrastinator is so fun...look at all I have to look forward to! "

Re: What Did Santa Bring You? - Ron - 12-28-2006

I'm impossible to buy for. I buy things throughout the year and at Christmas people ask me what they bought me. The most significant item this year was the complete CAH library of back issues (Volumes 1-9) which I bought a few months ago. My old Calphalon griddle was getting ratty, so I replaced that with a new Calphalon One griddle. Tired of tearing chicken breast when making Chicken Cordon Bleu, I bought a meat pounder with a large (3 3/4") head. Also bought a few of the new flexible cutting sheets (work great - cut and then use to transfer to pan) and a lid for my Lodge skillet. Haven't had Dungeness Crab since I lived in California, so ordered some of that as a treat. 2007 will be an A-C Saute Pan plus either a sauce pan or a saucier for starters.

Re: What Did Santa Bring You? - Half_Baked - 12-28-2006

Ron: 'The most significant item this year was the complete CAH library of back issues (Volumes 1-9)'

I would love to get that set, Ron. Color me green.

Re: What Did Santa Bring You? - Old Bay - 12-28-2006

We got the new CIA cookbook and Barefoots Cooking at Home. Both are great. I got a Wustoff(sp?) carving knife.

Re: What Did Santa Bring You? - bjcotton - 12-28-2006

Sounds like we all had a great Christmas. Jean, don't worry about fighting the crowds at the PO, I have enough new toys to play with to keep me busy for a while. My little sis has one of those glass-top stoves so can't play with my Le Creuset, but that's okay.

I'm also sure that, knowing most of you, the presents you gave were as lovely and as varied as you are. As much as I enjoyed NZ, Dale and Shane, it's good to be home.

Re: What Did Santa Bring You? - Half_Baked - 12-28-2006

I mailed some things today and the PO was empty...absolutely empty.