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Any gadget freaks out there? - pjcooks - 01-05-2007

Jean's post about Billy being the "Prince of Paraphernalia" made me laugh. I would love to go through his cupboards and see what's hidden in there! As a matter of fact, wouldn't it be fun to have a cupboard tour? You know, like the kitchen tours so popular (around here, at least) at Christmas. You get to stroll through people's kitchens and check ouot the pantries, the fridge, the cabinets and drawers to see what everyone has collected over the years. Because I tend to bake a lot, I have a lot of meas. cups and spoons, bakeware (I recently gave away my collection of charactor cake pans, the baby is almost 20 and now longer needs a Cookie Monster pan) & lots of decorating stuff. I can't resist things like a roux whisk and yes, I use it, little tools for specific chores-mayo jar spatula, for instance, tiny nutmeg graters, retractable pickle jar tongs, you get the picture.

When I moved in with the Picky One, he couldn't understand how I could fill up his large (and almost empty) kitchen and still need storage space. (Why do you need 4 cannisters of white flour??? Where will my Doritoes go??) As a result, I'm a lot more selective these days about cooking stuff, but I've discovered Lowes-this way I can just store it in the garage.


Re: Any gadget freaks out there? - Mare749 - 01-05-2007

Yes, I'm afraid so. And once I get it in my head that I have to have it, I'm like a dog with a bone and can't let go, especially when it comes to appliances. But, we do use "most" of them, the newer ones anyway. We never seem to use the waffle maker anymore though and both love waffles. Hmm...maybe should look for that.

Re: Any gadget freaks out there? - bjcotton - 01-05-2007

What can I say? I have 4 sets of dry measuring cups, 8..yes 8 [oh, wait, counting the four 1/4 cup measuring cups I have 12] liquid measuring cups, 4 sets of measuring spoons, 31 knives [not counting steak knives..I have 2+ sets of those], I have 7, yes 7, 12-inch skillets [oops, I have 9, bought 2 new ones], 2 cast iron dutch ovens [saw a 20-qt one at the Sportsman's Warehouse today for $36.99], 6 stockpots, 4 can openers--2 electric, 4 food processors..2 of them are manual ones, 2 roasting pans [3 turkey roasters], and I don't know what all else I've got besides the 4 tongs and 6 whisks,...I should take pictures of my kitchen like I did once before and tell you what's all in them. I'll do it when I get home.

Jean, how dare you call me that....Sad

Re: Any gadget freaks out there? - Mare749 - 01-05-2007

Billy, I have to know....what the h--- are you going to cook in a 20 qt. dutch oven??? You'll need a car jack just to lift it up!

Can openers don't work for me - lxxf - 01-05-2007

There are two kitchen gadgets I can't get to work properly. Toasters and can openers. The only can opener that worked consistently for me was the manual one that screwed into the wall. I'm not drilling into my brand new cabinets and the only other spot would force me to walk 20' or so with an open can.

But I love gadgets too.

Re: Can openers don't work for me - cjs - 01-06-2007

I'm with everyone else - I have way too many kitchen things, not different things (I use everything) - well maybe, but too many of the same things. While I was in school, working and catering I needed more to be able to stock my tool box in addition to the kitchen and trailer....

Re: Can openers don't work for me - bjcotton - 01-06-2007

It's for my friend with kidney disease. I can't imagine what he would want it for, but he does, so I'll get it for him. Might have to hire a truck to haul it to Meatball though.

I might have a bunch of the same things, but at one time or another they are all in play. My skillets I use for different things, depending on their weights, nonstick or not, shape, etc. I needed these two Cuisinart skillets like I needed another hole in my head, but THEY WERE ON SALE! Actually, my sister Marilee wants one, so I'll only have one of them.