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Speaking of Meatballs :D - bjcotton - 01-09-2007

I have returned home [Roseburg] until Sunday at which time we must return to Portland for Fredia's chemo. She has it the 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th, then a 21 day hiatus.

Anyway, Santa Jean's Christmas presents to me were waiting when I arrived. There was a strawberry huller, a box of Bacon and Fried Egg Bandaids, a Citrus Lovers Cookbook, and a Meatball Magic Meatball Maker set! Whoeeeeeee. I'll have to take that back up to Marilee's with me so I can play. [I won't tell you Jean that I'm allergic to strawberries. Bet it'll work just as well on raspberries, blackberries and marionberries!] Thanks Sweetie, I love getting presents from you, you give me the strangest things , who'd uh thunk of a meatball maker set? Another strange gift she gave me was one of those glass jars that hold toothpicks with the metal top that has holes in it! I'd have never thought to get one for myself, but if you open my spice cupboard, there it sits, front and center!

Re: Speaking of Meatballs :D - pjcooks - 01-09-2007

Best wishes for Fredia, Billy, I know this is hard to go through.

Sounds like you hit the jackpot with Jean! Lots of fun to get stuff like that, isn't it?


Re: Speaking of Meatballs :D - cjs - 01-10-2007

Merry (late, late) Christmas Billy!! and you're welcome.

Re: Speaking of Meatballs :D - bjcotton - 01-10-2007

Who cares about early or late presents Jean, it's the heart and affection behind the presents that counts.

Re: Speaking of Meatballs :D - Mare749 - 01-10-2007

What fun gifts you got! So how do you use a meatball maker?

Maryann (the gadget queen)

Re: Speaking of Meatballs :D - Half_Baked - 01-11-2007

You hit the jackpot, Billy!