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Basting brush... - Ron - 01-11-2007

I did the CAH Coke-basted ham a while back. I spent a lot of time cleaning the basting brush before putting it away, but I'm not happy with the final result. I'm not enthused about silicone for some other applications, but think it might be okay for this. Has anyone tried silicone, or can you recommend a basting brush that cleans up well? Dishwasher safe a plus. TIA

Re: Basting brush... - Lorraine - 01-11-2007

I find the silicone ones work great on meats, and are very easy to clean. I agree that they are not good for some applications like pastry.

Re: Basting brush... - cjs - 01-11-2007

I buy mine at the hardware store - heck of a lot cheaper than buying "pastry" brushes. and they go thru the dishwasher great!

Re: Basting brush... - bjcotton - 01-11-2007

I use the silicone brushes and find they work just fine AND go through the dishwasher fine too. I do have a soft nylon basting brush I use at times, but mostly it's the silicone.

Lorraine, Sweetie, don't you know Christmas is over and the fat pheasant has been eaten?

Re: Basting brush... - cjs - 01-11-2007

hush billy - she's still enjoying Christmas, Gil hasn't left yet!

Re: Basting brush... - Roxanne 21 - 01-12-2007

I really like to use my silicone brushes as well. They are great on everything but for fine pastry brushing. Clean up beautifully.

I was recently in a food equipment outlet and picked up a double sided gadget---one side is fine bristles and the other a much wider with more substantial bristles---I love new gadgets!!!

Re: Basting brush... - Ron - 01-12-2007

Anyone know the brand name of the silicone brushes they are using and like?

Re: Basting brush... - Lorraine - 01-12-2007

I think my are made by StarFrit. I got a package of 2 (different sizes) for about $6.00CDN. Jean, great idea about getting them at the hardware store!

Billy, the pheasant was excellent. I'll try to download pictures of how we did it.

Re: Basting brush... - Roxanne 21 - 01-12-2007

I don't know the name brand of mine but I did order through Bakers Catalogue and as Lorraine said there is a set of two--different sizes. I also noticed them in Chef's Catalogue. I can't remember the price difference (if any)--I placed an order with Bakers so included these at the time. There was a thread on this a while ago and a couple of members posted sites to go to---I will try to find that for you and bump---

Re: Basting brush... - Roxanne 21 - 01-12-2007

This was a site posted by dollop

Here you can read about it.