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Chicken Foam - Bizymomma - 01-14-2007

Okay, for all you experts out there....what in the world is that foam on the top of the boiling chicken pieces. I've always wondered but never asked. It's just kind of gross.

Re: Chicken Foam - pjcooks - 01-14-2007

Well, Angela, you may not like the answer, but here goes-blood and other impurities coagulate and rise to the surface when the water is heated. Stock class 101-depouillage, depouillage and do it some more(I'm sure I made mincemeat of that word, someone will correct me, I'm sure!)


Re: Chicken Foam - vannin - 01-14-2007

PJ is right unfortunately. It is general GACK. So skim skim skim. I don't know fancy words. ;Þ

Re: Chicken Foam - cjs - 01-15-2007

" foam on the top of the boiling chicken pieces." - That's the first problem...NEVER BOIL!! Simmer only. These impurities will SLOWLY come to the top and can be skimmed off.

Re: Chicken Foam - vannin - 01-15-2007

Quite right Jean, I like to use a large pan too, I mean a wide pot.