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A World of White Stuff - bjcotton - 01-16-2007

The weather is doing it's thing again this morning. Schools in the Portland area are closed today. On the news a reporter said he was in Vancouver, Washington [across the river from Portland] in the heaviest snowfall of the area.. "see, you can see my tracks in the snow." Must have been at LEAST half-an-inch! We have that much and more at my sis' house. The news reports the rain accumulation at the airport and they'd been saying there'd been 3/4" there [sometimes more sometimes less], Brian, Marilee's hubby, went out and looked at his rain gauge and it was measuring 3". Of course, we're a couple/three hundred feet higher here.

Re: A World of White Stuff - pjcooks - 01-16-2007

Seems like everyone else is getting the weather we usually do. Only a couple of inches of snow on Dec 30 that immediately melted during the 50 degree next day. We did get wacked with an ice storm yesterday, however, that has left everything coated with frozen precip. Pretty but not too much fun driving to work at 6:30 AM.

Here in NH we look at it this way-really only 6 more bad weeks to go. Anything that's thrown at us in March and April, goes quickly.


Re: A World of White Stuff - bjcotton - 01-16-2007

PJ, that 1/2" of snow has turned into 6" in the last 5 hours. More on the way, plus freezing rain.

Re: A World of White Stuff - esgunn - 01-16-2007

We got 2 inches last Tuesday - all melted during the day. Wed night we got 6 inches of snow. It has not made it above freezing all week. Saturday got a little more snow, this morning got another inch or so. The lake is completely frozen over. I have never seen it freeze completely - usually just the shallows. Today it has finally started to warm up 34 degrees, but there is so much snow and the layers of ice under it, it is gong to take a while for it all to go away.

We very rarely get much snow around here. And it hardley lasts more than a day or so. We are all very tired of the snow!

Re: A World of White Stuff - cjs - 01-16-2007

Really an unusual winter for us up here, isn't it??

Re: A World of White Stuff - pjcooks - 01-16-2007

Yup, you guys are getting our snow. Not even sure the annual ice fishing tourney and such can go on this year. It's a terrible time for our ski resorts. As much as I don't miss the snow (well, I actually like lots of snow from Dec to mid Jan, semester break for me) I don't wish it upon anyone else. How have your temps been? I'd take the snow anyday over those miserable below 0 days, typical Jan weather when it's too cold even to snow.

Topsy turvey world right now, isn't it? 5 inches, Billy? Isn't that a bit much for you out there?


Re: A World of White Stuff - bjcotton - 01-16-2007

We usually don't get much if any snow in Roseburg, but here in Portland it's not too unusual. Most people keep studded tires for just such as this.

Re: A World of White Stuff - aardvarknav - 01-16-2007

We have snow forecast for this weekend. It will be the 4th week in a row with snow in Denver. We've had 50 inches of snow in the last month, 0 temperatures the last week, and winds of 80 mph last weekend. I thought of holding a global warming rally in my front yard last week, but would have had to cancel it because of blizzard conditions, freezing temperatures, and almost impassible roads.
I watch my two grand daughters 4 days a week and told them that chili is always good when its snowing. Now they think I should be making chili everyday for lunch.
During the first big snow just before Christmas, the grocery stores emptied out their perishables in one day and the trucks couldn't get in to resupply them for several days. Luckily, when I was stationed in New Hampshire in the 70s I learned to be prepared and we still had a good Christmas dinner.

Re: A World of White Stuff - Roxanne 21 - 01-17-2007

Unusual weather for sure---it's unheard of to have any type of precipitation here after September and we have had rain most every week. I love the snow--for a day, maybe at Christmas. Stay safe and warm, y'all. Confusedmile